Theatre of the Ironic: Breaking Bad and Obamacare Are Shrieking Toward Vainglorious Endings on the Same Night...

For a second or two this week, it seemed that the Republicans in the United States House of Representatives were poised to do the right thing: They sent the detestable Harry Reid a “continuing resolution” funding the Federal Government– without a single dime to continue implementing the foul scourge of federalized medicine. Finally, like watching the time-lapse video of a child developing in the womb, we witnessed the emergence –nascent though it be– of a spine in our governing Republicans.

What doesn’t make sense to me is this:

Didn’t Our Dear Leader intone with all the bravado his pencil-neck could muster that he “wasn’t negotiating”? Hasn’t Obama made it clear that he’s not talking? Then who is John Boehner negotiating with? Why all the continued lip-flapping? Is Speaker Boehner sitting in his lobby, talking to a mirror, or what?

The Great Barack has spoken, and he’s not negotiating. Fine, great. Then listen very closely, House Republicans:

Go home. Harry Reid, on behalf of Generalissimo Barack, crapped all over you CR, and sent it back to you.

But, wait: I thought there wasn’t any negotiating…

Are we negotiating, or aren’t we? I thought two parties were required to negotiate, and yet, Barack says he’s not doing it. I’m confused.

Take Obama at his word. Stop negotiating– he says he’s not doing it, so why are you doing it? It’s his fault there’s no jaw-boning going on, and make that clear to anyone who asks: “Speaker Boehner, Speaker Boehner! Why are you going home? Why aren’t you talking with the White House?”

Speaker Boehner: “The President has made it clear he doesn’t want to talk with us. So, it’s a wast of my time waiting here in Washington like a bump on log. It’s the President’s deal if he doesn’t want to talk; If he does, he’s got my number. In the meantime, I will be back in Ohio, mowing my lawn.” And then leave. Really leave.

Of course, that won’t happen. The GOP will dither and sweat and chew their fingernails down to the nub. Talk! Talk! We’ve got to talk! Negotiate! Spin! Sweat some more! It’s our fault if the government shuts down!

Not if you leave town –figuratively, at the very least. Now.