"French Republicans"-- Love It, Absolutely Love It!

In a toss-off line just before a commercial break, nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Mark Levin quickly pondered with exasperation: “I don’t even know what to call these people; French Republicans?”

He was, of course, referring to the GOP Surrender Monkeys in our midst, those antique Republicans who reflexively flinch at the mere mention of “Government Shut-Down” or who blanch in fear when Frank Luntz comes out with another poll. These people have been variously called “RINO’s” and “Country-Club Republicans” or “Establishment-Types”.

I think I’ll go with “French Republicans”. Thank You, Mr. Levin.

Some of these Republicans (think Mitt Romney) actually affect French-isms, such as, well,– French cuffs and vacationing in the French countryside. They reside in French-colonial mansard-roofed bent-grass-lawn Estates. They eat Brie. Others LOOK French, like Saxby Chambliss (who goes the extra mile by having attended most of his early schooling in Louisiana). Some of them, evidently, eat a lot of French food. Think Chris Christie.

But, mostly, Levin was, I think, referring to the Dien Bien Phu Wing of the Republican party– as quick to surrender as they are to advance. “French Republicans”–named for those same French that couldn’t wrestle the rag-tag Viet Minh to ground, those same French that huffled and snuffled and wouldn’t allow The Gipper to blast Gaddafi in 1986 using their precious air-space, or those same French that accordion-ed out the UN resolutions against Saddam in both Gulf Wars so long it seemed they were trying to wait for our enemies to die of old age, while our Mighty Armed Forces sat freezing and hungry out in the desert with their cold fingers on the trigger– while they sat back in the salons of Europe toasting one another with Montrachet.

“French Republicans”. Maybe, though, Mark Levin was referring to the “Republicans” of the French Revolution: The same ones that first manned, and then went to, the Gallows while Madame DeFarge was clacking away with her knitting needles. Same difference, really: Given to the whims and winds of the Mob:  Romney, Robespierre. Po-tay-toh, Po-TAH-toe.

Boehnor, Cantor, McConnell, Rove, Powell, McCain, Graham, Snowe…

French Republicans. I REALLY like that…

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