You Know Something, Barack? Screw You...

Barack Obama is utterly loathsome.

“Search my soul,”  he intones, in his most sober, professorial condescension. In his world, we are all Americans, and, Lord Knows, Americans are by definition racist, stump-toothed cast-offs from the set-list of extras on Deliverance: An American court, in an American State, with an American Jury passed judgment about a case involving two Americans. Yep, it must be racist. Time for “us” to “search our souls“…

With all due respect sir: Screw You.

The state of my soul is a closely-watched work in progress. And, given that I know who ultimately will adjudge the outcome, my soul is just fine, thank you. Search your own soul, sir.

How about starting with the little deal you cooked up with Bill Clinton to offer Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Joe Sestack a nice, cushy Federal job if he dropped out of the 2010 senate race? Most folks have forgotten that you were engaged in election fraud and illegal electioneering for this stunt, but I haven’t. How about searching that moth-eaten soul of yours, Barack, for chatting with and befriending the domestic terrorist Billy Ayers and his troll-like wife Bernadine and palling around with other 1960’s murderers and miscreants? Find anything? Your mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was a radical Communist and editor of the proto-Fascsictic Chicago Star in the 1930s, with ties to Papa Joe Stalin’s murderous regime. Has your soul taken a hit for his genocide against the entire Ukraine nation?

Anything left in your soul after refusing to allow Dutch-flagged skimmers to help with the BP oil spill because you wouldn’t suspend the Jones Act, and let non-union workers help with the unfolding disaster there? How about voting against the Illinois Infant Born Alive Protection Act, and in your public testimony about the Act calling a live, breathing child a “fetus, baby, whatever you want to call it”? How’s the old soul on THAT one, Mr. President? Is your soul quivering for the scores of Mexicans mowed down by your Justice Department’s heinous gun-running operation south of the border called “Fast and Furious”.

How about going to bed last September 11th while heroic Marines attempted to save your own Ambassador in Libya, letting them die a hellish, heartbreaking death at the hands of Islamic barbarians– Does that take a piece out of the soul, Mr. Obama? Is your soul at all troubled that you and your family and friends  have taken hundreds of millions of dollars worth of vacations during your presidency, while the real unemployment rate for regular Americans is stuck at 14%, and a gallon of simple gasoline is twice as expensive today as it was when you took office? Searching your soul at all, Barack?

How’s the search when it comes to tapping the phones of 30 reporters at the Associated Press? Or trumping up phony charges against Fox News Reporter James Rosen for supposed violations of the 1910 Espionage Act? Or profiling honest, hard-working God-loving conservative Tea Party groups by your thuggish Internal Revenue Service? Anything left of your soul on THAT one, Sir? Lose any sleep over vacating federal bankruptcy laws, and wiping out the savings of old folks with their IRA’s invested in GM and Chrysler before you nationalized them in 2009? How’s your soul holding up on that little bit of financial carnage?

Do you lose sleep over the millions of illegal dollars that flowed into your 2012 Presidential Campaign from foreign donations that used credit cards without SVU codes? Soul just fine with that, I suppose.

…and I could go on and on, Barack.

Search my soul.

Screw You, Mr. Obama. Search your own damned soul.

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