I Sure Wish I Could Comment upon --and Recommend-- RedState Diaries; Of Course, I also Wish I had a Bugatti...

I’ve had some brilliant Pearls of Wisdom to impart at RedState.

A Diary would entrap my attention, and I’d be compelled to join in on the conversation. I’d feverishly type, and edit, and compose, until verily I had masterpieces of reason and logic and substance to add to the emerging epistles. That, or maybe a limerick.

Then, I’d notice after typing these brilliant bits of prose (nay, poetry!), I’d go to the “post as conservativecurmudgeon” button, and it wouldn’t work. Or, more likely, the button would disappear, or it wasn’t there at all. Or, the field would turn gray, and the post would never, well, “post”.

Soon, I learned to cut the comments to the clipboard, and repost them in a new window, or open Explorer, and do it there.

That worked all of one time.

And, of course, there have been times when I wished I could help blast a diary out of the darkness, and shoot it to the top of the “Popular” diaries, but, alas, these diaries are nowadays only the front pagers, or ones with links to other sites. We poor RedState Peasants must now eat our thin gruel, and enjoy the tastiness of being allowed to post, I guess.

Anyway, it’s all rather discouraging. It seems the “bugs” in the new layout that were going to be fixed are now “features”…