"The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers...." (Or, Newt for Speaker!)

The Speaker of the House of Representatives doesn’t have to be an elected Member of the House. It can be anybody. Mitt Romney, in all likelihood, is casting about for something to do– but, after his masterful performance in rounding up votes, I hardly think he’s the right guy for the job.

I have a couple of suggestions, and I’m not kidding.

First of all, John Boehner reminds me of Ray Kroc. No, no– not because he is a phenomenal success at his chosen field. Rather, Mr. Kroc, before he stumbled onto the McDonald Brothers in San Bernadino in 1955, came perilously close to investing his meager savings in a miniscule company in Chicago that invented a small, fold-able table. The table collapsed and folded away into it’s convenient little pigeon-hole in the wall, after you knocked out a little gusset underneath it. It was called the “Fold-A-Nook”, and it perfectly describes our current Weeper of the House:

He folds into his little pigeon-hole after you knock out his gusset.

He is also the last person you want as the final bulwark against the juggernaut of authoritarianism which is about to suffocate the nation. He is a deal-maker, a vote-counter. He is manifestly NOT a leader.

And the House of Representatives, at this crucial, hinge-critical moment in American history, needs a Leader.

I suggest Newt Gingrich. And I am deadly serious, if he’d take the job.

Part of the tissue of lies spewed by the Obama Campaign was that, by raising taxes to the “Bill Clinton Rates” of the 1990’s, somehow we would have 1990’s prosperity. Well, if the public can be that easily mind-boggled, the Republicans can rightly claim that the Prosperity of the 1990’s was also because of Newt Gingrich spending cuts and reforms. And no one know more about ramrodding an agenda through the House of Representatives than Newt.

He was, by any measure, the most effective counterpoint to Barack Obama in the Republican primaries. He’s not easily cowed by Democrat poison. He is a Happy Warrior for Conservatisim. And, in spite of certain flights of weirdness now and then, American Traditionalism is Newt’s first language.

The Language of a Speaker.

Other candidates than Beohner occur quickly to the engaged mind…

J. C. Watts. Rudy Guilliani. Steve Wynn. Jan Brewer. Rick Santorum. Scott Walker. There are millions of people in this country, and the House of Representatives is under no obligation whatsoever to yoke themselves to a demonstrable Fold-A-Nook, a vote-counter, a wheeler-dealer, a weeper.

We need men and women of integrity in positions of power in the People’s House,–the last road-block on the highway to Dismal and Bleak. And, we only have to convince 240-some-odd people of the righteousness of this cause, not 60 million.

Newt for Speaker!

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