Conservatism is still Loved. The Republican Brand is Distrusted...

Noodling around the internet tonight, I came across some enlightening information quarried from the sacred Exit Polls:

Evidently, a significant number of previously self-identified “independents” as poll respondents were formerly “Republican“. This fact skewed the number of the Republican-leaning actually being polled, and improperly inflated the “republican” response (–remember all the hooey about Romney “winning” independents by such-and-such a number?). This caused certain quarters to assume these were true independents, such as former “Reagan Democrats”, and who were former Libs or Dems that could be persuaded to the Republican cause by more moderate pablum and soft-focus love from the RNC and other assorted miscreants at the SuperPACs

Why the change, eh, Mr. Rove? Why were so many “independents” this time ’round really disgruntled Republicans? Your assumption is that these “Independents” are moving Left-to-Right. Wrong. A goodly portion of them are moving from Center-Right to Confident Right, and feel the Republican Party has gone far too soft, and is no longer interested in representing them, representing American Traditionalism, or even much into defending Liberty

And, in that little fact, we circle back to Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech, in which he postulated that there IS no “right or left, but only an up or down”. By accepting the Balkanization of the American electorate (black, white, women, men, people earning more the $35,000, people earning LESS than $35,000, and on and on and on), we have forgotten a very crucial fact: They are human beings, who yearn simply for Liberty.

Not constituencies that yearn for programs.

Hmm… The exit polls seem to confirm it: At least as a player on the National State, the Republican Party appears to be shrinking. But note: The Democrat party isn’t expanding in a zero-sum manner. Something quite unexpected by all the customer’s men at the RNC is happening out in the countryside: You are losing your base, and they are either alienated, or marginalized, or made to feel like they no longer belong to your party, as some dusty relic of a by-gone age.

They now count themselves among the “independent”.

All vestiges of the Gerald Ford-George HW Bush-George W. Bush clan must be banished from the GOP if it is ever to have any national viability again. Of this, there can be no question.They will only continue to be carnival barkers for this ongoing balkanization and alienation. Hispanics yearn for Liberty. Blacks yearn for Liberty. Women yearn for Liberty. Albino one-legged Ethiopian Daoists on Insulin in committed Gay Relationships living in Houseboats on Lake Winnepasaukee yearn for Liberty.

Defend Liberty …and start winning elections again.

Quit shoving them into the ranks of the “independents” –by shoving them into the arms of John McCain, or Mitt Romney.

Read the exit polls. It’s all there….