An Election Pre Post-Mortum

Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz. Bobby Jindahl. Jim DeMint. Susanah Martinez. Rand Paul. Sarah Palin. Mike Pence. Rick Santorum. Nikki Haley. Bob McDonnell. David Vitter. Alan West…

The strength, the passion, the intellectual rigor, the very life, in our political body-politic is all on the right. Specifically, the conservative right.

When Barack Obama loses next Tuesday –and he will– the Modern Democrat Party will resemble nothing so much as the Seattle Pilots in the early winter of 1970: Broke, wandering for a home, lacking any stars, and seeking for a reason from the politicos for a reason to exist.

Barack Obama will be utterly vanquished, and the Democrat Bench will be empty.

Who will queue up to represent the Democrat party after the hurricane descends on them, and exposes the brittle skeleton of their world-view? Their philosophy (if you can call it that) is nothing but a thin tissue of resentments, petty grievances, lies, and distortions– and who wants to willfully put their name on that pile of crud, after is has been demonstrated to be such a sophomoric sham?

All they have left, at least in terms of willing personnel, is a bunch of leathery antiques, left-over matinee idols from decades gone by, and other assorted security risks and criminals. John Edwards for President? Well, maybe after the acquittal. Or the prison term. Debbie Wasaman Schultz? She’s gonna have a hard time holding onto her district.

Hillary in 2016! Yeah, right. Whatever. She looks tired, and her ideas are tired. She was fresh in the days of bell-bottoms and bra-burning. Now she has all the political allure of the dour old organist at the Unitarian Church who could never hold onto a man passed the third of fourth date. Chris Van Hollen? Chuck Schumer? Joe Biden?

Joe Biden?

The problem with all these potential Democrat mantel-bearers is that they stood so close to Barack Obama that they’ve soiled their Sunday Go To Meetin’s with his record. And, after next Tuesday, it is a record that won’t come out in the wash. They are all unrepentant apologists for an utterly empty personality-cult that’s been propped up with the most vacuous of lies, propaganda, and wishful thinking.

You can call this many things, but you can’t call it a governing philosophy.

No, the Democrat Bench will be empty, utterly and completely empty next Wednesday.

Our Bench, though, the Republican Traditionalist, Reagan Conservative Constitutionalist Bench, is filled to the brim.

Thus, our biggest worry will be the Republican Leadership on Capitol Hill. It, on the other hand, is chock-full of clownish deal-makers, obsequious bootlickers to a hyper-vulgar pop-culture that’s in its death-rattle, and beige-colored 23-year-old College Republicans-for-Life. And it is there that the real fight will begin.

John Boehner, the Weeper of the House, calls movement conservatives “knuckle draggers”. Mitch McConnell has openly declared that outright repeal of Obamacare is something akin to the outright repeal of the law of gravity: Impossible in this or any other lifetime.

Barack Obama, as of about 9:30 PM next Tuesday will be about as useless and irrelevant as a Pong controller hooked up to a Wii U. He’s already, in my mind, a non-issue. The real problem is this: We have roaring, lion-hearted conservatives begging for leadership roles, champing at the bit to turn the ship of state about before it tumbles over the falls. And we have weepy, hand-wringing old sob sisters guarding the gates, eager to make deals with phantoms long since vanquished, with enemies long since conquered.