Can We Get Real for a Second? Doesn't Gloria Allred Kinda "Fit" Her Name?

And, isn’t she everything you detest (and I mean detest) about the Modern Democrat Party?

Camera hog…  loud…  obnoxious… full of self-puffery….

Ambulance chaser, defense bar. Mole. Self-loathing Jewess (-being half-Jewish myself, I know ’em when I see ’em)

Agitator for imaginary grievances. C’mon, Gloria: How’s that representation for Sharon (Sounds Like) Bialek going, eh? I’ll bet you’re fighting that one all the way to the Supreme Court!

Ooops, I forgot: Bialek never even filed a brief or a complaint. Quite a mystery as to why she even needed an attorney, really. Maybe you dangled a book deal in front of the hapless Sharon;– at least, that is,  until Herman Cain was disposed of.

I’ll bet you never even sent her a Christmas (er, rather, Hanukkah) card…

I first became aware of the Lovely Gloria when my wife became pruriently fascinated with the Lacy Peterson murder case, and Mzzzzz Allred was a omnipresent face on the squawk-shows –pool-table red lips and all– as the supposed attorney for Brad Peterson’s girlfriend (-How does this brassy gal find these women? ). I wanted to crawl inside the cold-cathode tube of my television set even way back then and smack the lady every time she opened her mouth.

I should have guessed she was Democrat stooge. It all fits now.

Yep, good old Gloria: Making sure department stores don’t have separate boys and girls toy departmenst, going to the mat to make sure private clubs admit people they don’t want to admit, fighting the fight against “gender apartheid”. Although, quite frankly, I’m rather certain she’d scream bloody murder if I came into the powder room while she was, er, indisposed, at the next NARAL break-out session. Girls in the Boy Scouts in Gloria’s universe, but I guaran-damn-tee you no men in the Ladies Room.

Yes, Gloria Allred (a more apropos name I cannot fathom): Defending women’s virtue–, at least here in the United States.

I doubt I’ll see her any time soon defending twelve-year-old girls in Afghanistan who get shot in the head because they are trying to attend school. No way. Better go after Hooters for the lack of Hooter Guys, right, Gloria? Oh, and make sure to pry open sealed divorce records, too, to help Barack Obama slither and slime his way into a second term.

What a fraud. But, like I say: Isn’t Allred emblematic of everything you detest about the Democrat Party?