Cruz-ing to Victory! How the Ted Cruz Win Spells Disaster for Obama and the Existing Political Order...

Some 800,000 additional Texans than expected went to the polls today to cast ballots in what might normally have been a sleepy cakewalk for the ho-hum Establishment Flabby Middle.

Yep. Another Kay Baily Hutchison, another Bob Krueger, that’s all folks in Texas really wanted, right, Mr. Dewhurst? Someone with french-cuff shirts and collar stays, someone that enjoys the Silent Auction at the Country Club to benefit the United Fund, who speaks in smooth and dulcet tones, and never, ever threatens to actually read the Constitution –let alone abide by it.

Well, gee whiz, guess what happened on the way to the Lowell Wiecker Memorial Big Tent?

The American People happened, that’s what.

And Ted Cruz absolutely crushed David Dewhurst, by nearly 12 percentage points. Ted didn’t merely eke out a victory, or fall over the finish line by a whisper. No. He filleted the Lieutenant Governor, basted him with a spicy sauce of righteous American anger at our current political class, and served him up with a bow to all the establishment types –who, by the way, will now poo-poo the notion they weren’t with Cruz from the get-go.

Does anyone these days queue up hours in advance to listen to a speech by Charlie Crist? Anybody? Bob Bennet?

The truly remarkable thing about Mr. Cruz’s victory is the massive, massive fortune that his opponent sank into the race, and how slathering all the money around by Dewhurst had the exact opposite effect of it’s intent: People are sick of the relentless personal, bizarre, irrelevant attacks in concert with the complete absence of philosophical and political substance. Personal attacks are fine, as far as they go: But, they must be paired with solid, substantive, strongly articulated debate. Ted Cruz offered this in spades.

And in this election, Mr. Obama can see the future, if he cares to look into the glass:

It is a grim and brutish future for the man who is President for the next 159 days, electorally speaking. Just as in Texas, the otherwise somnolent folks that tend to eschew politics in this nation will have been stirred to wrath —fury!— by a President and a political class that is utterly, utterly disconnected from, and uninterested in, them.

How in the name of a loving God could a President so obnoxiously rule against the known, (-and knowable) will of the American People for four years expect anything other than a good, old-fashioned drubbing? All Barack has done for four years is attack his opponents with the most adolescent blather, accuse them of being lazy, racist, good-for-nothings that don’t appreciate his genius– and then sign into law bill upon bill that the American People manifestly despise and reject? How? Has Mr. Obama ever actually acted Presidential for more than a couple of speechifying afternoons? Has he ever been the President of the entire nation –rather than the chief antagonist for the Democrat Party?

The American People are fed up. They are tired of being ignored, tormented, and ripped off. We are a kind and loving people. We are tolerant to a fault.

But, Mr. Obama, pace Admiral Yamamoto: You have awakened a sleeping giant.

Just ask David Dewhurst.