Cruz Control: Ted's got the Pedal to the Metal Against Dewhurst

Only six weeks ago, Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst was crushing Ted Cruz in the Texas GOP Senate run-off election by some 25 points, according to Public Policy Polling.

Today, Mr. Cruz has evidently shot ahead of Dewhurst by some five points in the same poll. He leads overall, and clearly, as PPP themselves note, the shift has been “seismic”.

So, folks, what has happened in the intervening weeks to cause such an enormous change in public opinion in Texas?

Three Words in varying combination: Chief Justice Roberts. Obamacare Supreme Court. Governor Walker Recall.

However you slice it, the Tea Party is roiling. It clearly has a thundering passion to get out the vote, to save the nation. We will not sit on the sidelines, we will not watch the most magnificent nation ever created by Man and endowed by God, simply slip into the abyss of complacent neglect. No.

And Ted Cruz is becoming this moment’s Marco Rubio, our most recent Richard Mourdock. We now have come to grips with the understanding that, sadly, the best we could do this time ’round in the presidential contest is a moderate Republican squish straight from central casting; but we must –we must— send solid, constitutional, articulate, passionate conservatives to the Senate of the United States. Period.

Repeal of the most foul assault on individual liberty every passed into law –that is, Obamacare– may come down to a single vote in the Senate. If we send a Richard Lougar, or an Olympia Snowe, or a Charlie Crist into that hornets nest knowing these stakes (and that’s what Dewhurst would be, make book on it), then we will deserve the long decent into night that will overwhelm our nation.

We can avoid it –we must avoid it– with the likes of Ted Cruz.

Texas, and the nation, is waking up to this sobering fact.