They've Blown a Hole in the Constitution; So, Let's Drive the Freight Train of Liberty Right Through It!

Apparently, there are no limits to Congressional power.

Chief Justice John Roberts airily pronounced last week, with as much erudition as a man from LaPorte, Indiana can (–and who grew up on the Mickey Mouse Club and Howdy Doody) that, well, whatever Congress wants, Congress gets.

If Congress deigns to pass a law that we all must wear conical brassieres, and skip about to old Madonna records, well, who is the Supreme Court to rule on the “wisdom of our political choices”? Evidently, the Executive Branch is the only one that can act in an unconstitutional manner– and only then if their name is “Richard Nixon”.

So, then, let’s take that ball and run with it.

Yes, yes, when the conservatives take and hold the House– and they will– we must repeal Obamacare. That is a given. But, when conservatives take the Senate– and they will–, the work to reclaim and reinvigorate our magnificent Nation will begin in earnest.

And we must be ready on January One, at one second past midnight, to hit the ground running with thundering passion.

I read a dismal, dreary interview with Rob “White Bread” Portman (R, Somewhere), wherein he was dithering and fumbling about how, well, you know, we probably won’t be able to repeal Obamacare. Kinda like, you know, we can’t really change the earth’s rotation on its axis. We kinda hafta work, you know, with the Democrats.

Bullcrap. Run over ’em. Steamroller the bastards. If enslaving the American people to a medical autocracy was important enough to shred the Constitution and spit on two centuries of parliamentarianism, then it ought to be important enough to us and our fellow patriots to follow the same course in restoring some measure of Liberty.

I know: There will be the ever-sweating likes of Mitch McConnell and his fellow sob-sisters wringing their hands that we Republicans don’t act that way. No. We are the ones that worry and fret about acting gentlemanly, while Chuck Schumer is plotting his next assault on America, and lining up the hit-men to take us down. He fights. We fret.

To heck with that. If America sees fit to restore the Congress to Republican Party it is because they want action. Now. Real, discernible action. Real, knowable results. We don’t want square dancing with Harry Reid. We don’t want lessons in political elocution. We want these parasites crushed.

Politically speaking, of course. And, if we don’t get the results we demand, I predict the end of the Republican party. There will be no third chance.

The new Conservative Republican Congress should have law upon law at the ready, cover-pages open, to uproot the Regulatory State, take down eighty years of truly evil court precedent, and roll back the steady march of leftist statism.

And then, when the radical leftists howl like stuck pigs, they can run home to Mommy at the Supreme Court, where they will tell them..

Sorry, Charlie. Congress does what Congress does. We aren’t here to “Pass Judgement on the wisdom of our Political Choices”.

What would such laws look like? Well, I have a few suggestions:

Start with Judicial Reform. While Newt Gingrich’s proposal to subpoena federal judges to testify before Congress may be a step too far, expanding the number of Federal Circuit Courts is long overdue. And, with each expansion comes an additional Supreme Court justice. We should add at least three new Circuits, and two or four Supreme Court justices. And each of the vacancies created throughout the judiciary should be filled with originalist jurists, who are known to uphold the original intent of the constitution, consequences be damned.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Leftists and the David Frum Right will howl “Franklin Roosevelt tried to Pack the Court!”. Let ’em howl. There were 130 million people in the United States when FDR made the attempt. The nation has more than doubled in population since then, and the backlog of speedy jurisprudence is getting out of hand. And, the immense power that now devolves upon the shoulders of only nine Supreme Court justices is untenable.

Also, congress should immediately statutorily remove the standing that Congress gave to environmentalist activist groups to sue in federal court on the public behalf. They are the source of much of the mischief that’s occurred in concert with the EPA. Frankly, most patriotic conservatives resent the Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club and other malcontents suing the federal government in their name.

At the same time, congress should be hip-deep in Executive Department Reform. It goes without saying that the Energy Department, the Education Department, and the Commerce Department can all be eliminated, and the few critical functions they now perform can be sent back to their original bureaus. HHS used to be HEW, and it could be so again. Many of the functions of the Energy Department resided in the Interior Department and the Defense Department. Get rid of the rest of the useless paper-pushing, and explain to the American People that this is exactly what you are doing.

And, we should create a new Executive Level Department: The Department of Liberty and Economic Freedom.

Why should Executive Level Departments only address radical Leftist causes? Where are the departments that advocate the concerns of entrepreneurs, inventors, private property owners, and so on?

By statute (which can no longer be challenged for their “wisdom” at the Supreme Court), the Department would be a watchdog on the Federal Government, making sure that any new regulation proposed by Federal Government be studied line by line, word for word to insure that it causes no harm to the individual or his sovereign rights. Further, these Economic and Liberty Impact Studies would, by new statute, trump environmental, workplace, accessibility, or discrimination “concerns”. For far too long, the patriotic right has yielded the moral high ground to these lesser concerns, when, if the rights and liberties of the individual are truncated, everyone is poorer as a result.

And immediately, a full-scale bicameral inquiry into the actual fiscal state of the nation needs to be conducted, so we have hard numbers on debt, deficit, unfunded obligations, outlay projections and so forth. We need a world-class Joint House and Senate investigation into fraud, abuse, waste and institutional malfeasance inside the Federal Government. The long term solutions to the daunting fiscal task can only be understood if we know what the questions are.

A complete investigation into the possible crimes committed by the Obama Administration needs to be conducted, as well. Yes, such proceedings might have the odor of retribution, but so be it. It is critical for accountability in governance to get the absolute bottom of everything from the Joe Sestak matter, to the hell-hole that was the likes of Solyndra and Solar Trust, to Fast and Furious, and the entire putrid pit that is the Holder Justice Department.

If Mitt Romney isn’t up to the task, we must force him to be up to the task. Again, if the electorate sees fit to hand the reins of power back to the Republicans, it won’t be because we were awe-stuck by Karl Rove and his Magic White Board. He needs to know this, with every donation check sent to his campaign. We did it because we want our country back. And you don’t negotiate, or dance, or play footsie with the very people that took us to the very brink to begin with. You trample them.

Remember: The Democrats and Obama did it to us first. When, precisely, were the Republicans brought into the “healthcare” debate? Ever? No, –and they weren’t invited because everyone knew they were opposed to the very idea, just like the Democrats will be opposed to any attempt to reign in the Federal Government. Radical Leftists like today’s Democat Party are biologically programmed to oppose that.

They won’t be impressed, anyway, with any displays of Marquis of Queensberry Rules. They detest Republicans, and John Boehner wearing a nice cologne won’t change that.

And anyway: What Congress now wants, Congress now gets.