Obama's All For Gay Marriage. Yippee. Great. Now, Where Does He Stand on Gay $2 Gasoline, Gay Housing Prices and Gay Unemployment?

Lord, I’m really, really fed up with all the identity wedge-issue politics that the leftists keep unearthing.

One week it’s the poor, overburdened college graduate with their 6-percent student loans. The next it’s nymphomaniacs and their easy access to rubbers. Now it’s homosexuals yearning (or, at least panting) to breathe free in a nation of Ward Cleavers that keep them clamped in chains.

Has our president ever looked out on the Great American People, and not seen a vast army of victims? Has he ever seen a sovereign individual? All he ever talks about are phantom, faceless, nameless groups of people –groups of people, by the way, that the President thinks all look the same, think the same, smell the same, have the same sexual proclivities, whatever– and whom he has has never once mentioned as a God-scented individual.

Yes, that’s right: The same individual that has to trudge out to his 1998 Saturn, put twenty bucks in his tank, and hope to God it buys him enough gas to get to work, back home, and the kids back to school for softball practice. The same individual that is now forced to purchase a $5.99 lightbulb he could have otherwise purchased last year for 99-cents.

I guess homosexuals don’t buy lightbulbs, or use electricity that’s generated from coal-fired power-plants and whose rates are going to “necessarily sky-rocket”.

Of course, there are no homosexual farmers that are having their land seized by the Obama Army Corps of Engineers that determined their irrigation ditches are “navigable waterways”. I also highly doubt there are lesbian house-painters that have been driven our of business by the new highly-aggressive and odious rules regulating lead-based paint remediation that are pouring out of the Obama EPA.

And I KNOW there are no homosexual doctors that will be driven into the shadows by Obamacare. And certainly there are no homosexuals that have been dropped from small-group health-insurance coverage because the companies they work for can’t afford the 40% rate increase that Obama said would never happen. And I highly doubt there are lesbian seniors that will soon be dropped from healthcare providers because they are no longer accepting Medicare. Nah…

No, Obama is now a highly “evolved” statist and he hears their plaintive cries. These everyday, hum-drum roadblocks evidently don’t effect homosexuals and lesbians.

Lo! They can marry!

–Or, at least the President thinks they ought to. Or something like that. I’m not really sure what his Ejaculation Proclamation was all about the other night for ABC news, but, it sure was hailed as Important and Historic.

Too bad these folks can’t afford the gas to get to drive to the Clerk’s office to pick up the license.