I'll Advertize on Rush's Show! (Of course, he'll have to lower his Rate Card a tad...)

I happened to be on the road the last several days, and thus was able to hear most of Rush Limbaugh’s dissertation about The Slut. It was typical Rush: Funny, extemporaneous, poignant. Then, I stopped at the gas station to fill up, and was smacked in the face with a real issue facing this nation:

Barack Obama’s war on energy production.

But, no matter: Obama and the entire Democrat Party apparatus wants to obsess over condoms, and pills and so on. So, Rush was on one of his stream-of-conscience chats about this latest obsession, which, as a commentator on the news, he was wont to do. So, Sandra Fluke’s sluttiness was displayed by Nancy Pelosi for the western world to observe, and Rush commented in the affirmative.

Sandra Fluke’s loose morals hitherto have made no difference to me, until Nancy Pelosi made them so.

I have to admit, the Democrat Party has played this “issue” brilliantly. Now, evidently, being a woman that requires $3,000 worth of contraception during law school is a smoldering Hot Potato of an issue, and we’ve forgotten what a disastrous, monstrous failure Barack Obama is. Now all we are talking about is Rubbers and Sluts.

Well played, Barack. Gotta hand to you.  Welcome to Obama’s 2012.

Now, mind you, I find nothing whatever objectionable about words spoken on the radio. Talk is talk. Recorded entertainment is something entirely different. I should think the Liberal Glitterati would be the first to come to Rush’s defense, for they are the first ones to protect the likes of filth like Kanye West –I find it absolutely hilarious that you can listen to just about any Urban Hip-Hop station you care to dial in, and hear women eviscerated every day with words far more vile (“Bitch” “Ho’s”, “Muthaf***er, etc), and yet, we are supposed to lionize the purveyors of this filth, give them award shows, shower them with recording contracts and follow them around with video cameras for “reality” shows on MTV.

And yet, Rush points out an obvious fact about the non-existent morality of this silly little Georgetown student, and the leftist are salivating at the destruction of Rush Limbaugh. For defenders of free speech, the Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz’s of the world are astonishingly close minded and intolerant when it comes to conservative speech. Leftists can portray Tea Partiers as racists and bigots all day long, (-with absolutely no evidence, or proof), but let Rush Limbaugh sling a broadside at one of their extraordinarily public sacred, er, cows, and instead of denouncing Rush on their own platforms for his speech (that, by the way, no one listens to), and defending Mssssss Fluke’s virtue (!) they go home Crying to Mamma to Rush’s advertisers.

Yeah, well, good luck with that one

Don’t worry. Rush isn’t going anywhere. He started out with tiny regional advertisers like Snapple and the Conservative Chronicle, and the American Spectator, and Clean Shower, and, if need be, he’ll go back to them again. You don’t have 650 radio stations with 24 million folks listening playing Public Service Announcements, believe me.

Perhaps he’ll have his attorneys send Media Matters a little letter about “tortuous interference”. That might cool them down a bit, too.

Yeah, Rush might have to cut back a ride or two on EIB One. Big whoop.

But, believe me. If Rush lowers his ad rate to entice folks back, they’ll come. In droves. He created the Snapple Brand, he’s the reason there are Sleep Number stores all over America. His advertising works, and the industry knows it. AM Radio owes it’s very existence to Rush.

Heck, if Rush has a fire sale, I’d advertize there in a heartbeat.I have a little company here in God’s Country, and I’d LOVE to advertize on Rush.

In these days Obama Gas at $4 per gallon, tho’, a minute of EIB is a bit pricey at the moment. I have to keep my delivery trucks on the road…

But, the price of gas, the real unemployment rate, our astonishingly weak foreign policy, inflation, assaults on religious and personal liberties by this President, aren’t critical issues, though. Sandra Fluke’s sluttiness IS. Let’s concentrate on THAT all week.

Send me a Rate Card, Rush…