Is This Even Possible?

“Good Evening…

My name is Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.

As many of you know, in August of last year, I announced my candidacy for President of the United States. It was a hard-fought campaign, but, ultimately, it fell short, and I withdrew my name from the contest just prior to the South Carolina Primary. At that time, I endorsed Speaker Newt Gingrich, and it is my belief that my support helped create the momentum which ultimately resulted in his victory

Now, in the aftermath of the March Sixth “Super Tuesday” primaries, Speaker Gingrich has likewise concluded that there remains no clear path to victory for his candidacy, and he has suspended his efforts.

Last night, we all heard the stunning, exciting news that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has reconsidered her decision to not seek the Presidency in 2012. As she so eloquently stated at her press briefing, she is so concerned about the future of both the Republican Party, and the United States of America which her children and grandchildren will inherit, that she can no longer sit by as a spectator, and is now compelled to “leave the bleachers, and get back into the game”.

Further, she stated what was the most compelling reason for her reconsideration was the lack of enthusiasm for the current front-runner, as demonstrated by the clear results of the exit polling, which showed time and again that less than forty percent of those casting ballots were “excited” about the prospect of a Romney general election candidacy. This does not bode well in the upcoming struggle against Barack Obama.

Thus, as a result of Speaker Gingrich’s and my own conference calls with Governor Palin, both of us are officially endorsing her for the Presidency of the United States. Time and again, very few political figures on the national scene today can generate the excitement, the enthusiasm that Governor Palin can, and this is one of the key components to ultimate victory over Barack Obama in the fall.

As you know, Sarah Palin’s name cannot appear on any ballot in any of the remaining states that are holding primary elections; Her name has been submitted too late for this to happen. But, both my name and Speaker Gingrich’s names DO appear on these ballots, despite the suspension of our campaigns. In collaboration with the Speaker, both he and I are officially pledging our delegates to the candidacy of Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.

In the coming months, we will make it clear that, in voting for either Speaker Gingrich, or myself, our names are appearing on the ballot as proxies for the candidacy of Sarah Palin, in whose candidacy we fully support, and in whom we place our highest regard and confidence that she alone will create the sort of enthusiasm we feel is crucial in our mutual goal of defeating Barack Obama.

Please also know that, in taking this decision, there exists neither between myself, or with Speaker Gingrich, a quid pro quo arrangement for any position in a future Palin administration, or on the nation ticket. Speaker Gingrich, myself, and Governor Palin know that, unless a traditional, constitutional conservative is nominated by the Republican Party, both the defeat of Barack Obama, and the restitution of our Constitutional system is in jeopardy, and this is our sole purpose in teaming up with the Governor of Alaska.

It is our most sincere desire that you join with us as we begin this new journey in earnest. Remember: Sarah Palin’s name cannot appear on ballots that have already been printed, many of them, for months. But, Rick Perry’s name, and Newt Gingrich’s names DO appear, and we pledge here tonight that any delegates awarded to us will be pledged to Governor Sarah Palin. Remember, as of this moment, a vote for Rick Perry, or for Newt Gingrich, is a vote for Sarah Palin, the next President of the United States.

Thank You, and God Bless America.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Sarah Palin doesn’t trip your trigger, the underlying question remains. Pick any potential candidate you can think of: Jim DeMint, Antonin Scalia, Bobby Jindal– can a candidates whose name still appears on the ballot act solely as a proxy for another? And, if so, why not? This could have the potential of short-circuiting a “brokered” or “contested” convention, and it would throw the entire process into an overdrive like we’ve never witnessed. 

As I say: Is this even possible?