"Let's Move!" I Fully Support Michelle Obama on this one--- So, Accordingly, I've Lined Up a Mayflower Van for Her and Her Husband...

Let’s Move! says Michelle Obama.

Yes– why don’t you?

Say, back to Rezko Acres? After all, it’s a great “Buyer’s Market” now, here in 2012. I’m quite certain we can find a nice, 12,000-square foot mansion and compound for you and the fam’ , commensurate with your newly-acquired tastes –for a third the price it might have been before your husband entered office. Ah, yes: “Affordable Housing”, here in the Age of Obama. A quick scan of the local foreclosure notices ought to turn up something

Yes, by all means, Mrs. Obama: Move. And, as luck would have it, there are millions of folks, many of them with pick-up trucks, cargo vans and trailers, who would love to help you. We’ll even bring a refrigerator dolly, boxes, and packing tape. We’ll even eat your stupid veggie pizza if we have to, while we lovingly pack the china.

Move out of the White House, move away from Washington. Move back to Chicago.

Move the heck away from my face.

“Let’s Move!”