Please, Dear Florida: Vote Newt...

If you view this election as simply about stopping President Obama, then, by all means: Vote for Mitt Romney.

If, on the other hand, you understand clearly that this election is the most important in our lifetime, then you have no choice. You must vote for Newt.

Yeah, yeah, I get it: Newt Gingrich is a fat old white guy, given to fits of uncontrolled verbosity, and is encumbered with an erratic, undisciplined mind. That’s the rap, isn’t it? Newt is “undisciplined”, and “erratic”, right?

Straight out of Alinsky: Name your enemy, personalize him, stigmatize him, destroy him. So far, so good: Newt, the thrice-married erratic adulterer of monumental grandiosity, swaggering off between sexual and oratorical conquests, drunk on his own image. Who could vote for such a deviant?

Anyone who loves their country, and doesn’t want to see it die by a thousand cuts (or, perhaps better, $70,000,000,000,000 unfunded mosquito bites), that’s who.

Mitt Romney, by contrast, is a fine American, an upstanding member of his church, a swell business-man. But, so was Jimmy Carter on all of these accounts, too. (-Whom, it should be noted, was also a one-term Governor, ruling against the political tides of his own state, and, upon reading the tea-leaves there after one term, chose not to seek another.)

Maybe Romney can beat Obama. The drunken hardware-store owner in my little hamlet here in the north-woods could probably beat Obama, too. This is no particular talent. By the time October 28th rolls around, I figure the guy with the big blue ‘n white jet, the presidential ball-retriever and the big ears will be about as popular as a Nirvana CD at the Masonic Home. Obama is toast, electorally. So, that Mitt Romney can beat Obama isn’t relevant, in my view.

Mitt Romney personifies everything that’s been wrong with the GOP for my entire life: They are oftentimes petty and thin-skinned. They believe whole-heartedly in a monied political primogeniture. They have an inferiority complex that makes the weak and expedient seem strong and nimble. The same insider-establishment types that are offering up Mitt Romney are the same ones that are currently giving us exemplary steely-eyed leadership of John Boehnor and Mitch McConnell, and who in the past gave us Dick Darman (with his grand advice to George HW Bush to wave a fat middle finger to his “no new taxes pledge”) and John Sununu (who gave us the brilliant legal mind of David Suter). Their lives are given to spasmodic, reflexive political calculation, at the expense of governmental leadership. They are embarrassed by wage-earners who go to church and actually believe what they hear sitting in the pews. They are utterly disconnected from those they seek to govern. Worse, they take conservatives for granted, and at the same time have absolutely no curiosity about what conservatism actually is, or why it is so animating to such a huge block of their own voters.

Newt Gingrich has been a lousy husband. As luck would have it, though, he’s not running to be my husband. He’s also been a ham-handed political grifter, making whoopie with Nancy on the loveseat. Well, now, given the expansiveness of the man’s erroneous zones, there was probably more going on there on that casting couch than melting a few polar ice-caps, if you get my drift. But, none of this matters.

Only ONE THING matters:

Mitt Romney will not “repeal” Obamacare. He won’t. He’s lying through his teeth, and I think most people sense this.

He will “offer” waivers to all 50 states the day he enters the Oval Office.

Uh-huh. Sure thing…

And, I’ll bet Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo and the phalanx of whacked-out lib Governors will hustle into line to grab up those “waivers” (assuming, of course, that it’s even legal for the President to “offer waivers” to a duly passed law of the United States). And there, the day AFTER he enters the Oval Office, Obamacare will be forever cemented into the American way of life, and on that day it will be:

Game Over.

No, Mitt Romney will buckle– he will have to, and he’ll stand there with that pearlescent smile explaining that he signed Romneycare into law in the compassionate and good-government hope that we could extend affordable health-care to everyone– and in so doing, accepting the Utopian fantasy that such things are not only good, but achievable– and that he wants to extend the same good intentions to the nation as a whole, and will therefore only TWEAK Obamacare, and save “the good parts”.

There are no good parts. None. But, that won’t matter.

Repeal legislation has already passed the House. It will pass a Republican-led Senate, and, if we don’t have a filibuster-proof Senate, too bad: Harry Reid paved the way earlier in this Senate term by nuking the filibuster rules, so, we now have a steam-roller provision. And if there was ever a time to invoke such a precedent, it would be in brooming every last vestige of this stinking pile of tyranny.


Newt Gingrich already knows where the bathrooms are in the Capitol. He knows how legislation is passed, and he knows how it is passed quickly. He knows the byzantine legislative process. And, he knows where all the bodies are buried that make the arm-twisting needed for the fights ahead that much less combative.

And, most importantly, Newt Gingrich has been a CONSERVATIVE longer than Mitt Romney’s been a precious “businessman”. And, Newt Gingrich, it should be noted, has been a “businessman” for as long as Mitt Romney’s been a conservative, however putative.  Mitt Romney has done nothing for the conservative movement, except harpoon it’s most effective arguments, and it’s more aggressive and thoughtful leaders. He has consistently rejected conservatism. Yes, Mitt Romney is a fine Citizen, and a model Republican.

But, for the future of this nation, for the sake of your kids, your grandkids, and the very nature and future of this great country, we don’t merely need a Republican. We need a Conservative.

And, that conservative is Newt Gingrich.