Don't Settle. Just Don't Settle.

Especially in the Primary election.

Vote your conscience. Vote your heart. Vote your first principles. Vote your world-view. Then, watch the dust settle, knowing you did your best for your country, your future, and your family.

Polls suck. I mean, polls feed into the basic human need to pick a winner, to be perceived as correct. They are a true evil in that sense. As George Patton would say, they have us “take counsel of our fears, rather than our dreams”

To heck with that. Polls do nothing but take a snap-shot of group-think at a given moment in time. They do not dig deep into the intangible and unspoken attributes, or lack thereof, of certain events or candidates. For example, I think we all sense that Mitt Romney is magnificent family man, a terrific provider, a son of whom you could be tremendously proud. He’s not a drinker, he is devoted to his wife, he has outstanding children. But he has no particular political core. The sense of this lack of political core is palpable; you can taste it, almost.

That’s perfectly fine. I know a lot of people like Governor Romney. Some sit on the Board of Elders, some do great things in their communities. Lacking a passionate political core is no crime. Millions of people live perfectly healthy, respectful lives like that. But, it is indeed a fatal flaw if you are seeking the votes of passionate American traditionalist, constitutional conservatives. And, we can sense when we are being sold a bill of goods.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, I will crawl on my belly over razor-wire to vote for the whomever is nominated by the Republican Party to defeat the loathsome Barack Obama. This isn’t even a question. I have no choice. My children have no choice. Obama-ism must absolutely be politically uprooted and detroyed. If Mitt Romney is the Nominee, I will support him in ways I’ve never supported a Presidential candidate. This election is that crucial, the consequences of inaction are that critical.

But, I will manifestly NOT vote for Mitt Romney in the primary, and for the same reasons.

My first principals, the same ones that guide me to the place to support Romney over Obama, are same ones that guide me to vote for the most conservative candidate still standing when the Primary comes to Michigan. I don’t care if it’s Newt, I don’t care if it’s Santorum, I don’t care if it’s Perry. By that time, I will know, my heart will know, who has been the most consistently conservative, the most passionate about defending the liberties I enjoy, the most ardent in defense of a sound currency that my boys can count on in the years ahead.

I won’t settle for who the pundits say is the most “electable”. Barack Obama manifestly is NOT electable, based on his catastrophic record– so, this is a non-issue to me,– and it should be a non-issue to all thinking conservatives, as well. Barack Obama is absolutely loathed, his is a walking assault on the American way of life, and a preponderance of Americans know this intuitively. This fact will be reflected only after his landslide defeat.

Pick the most conservative, the most passionate, the most articulate defender of individual sovereignty. Don’t worry what Ann Coulter says, or what Karl Rove says. Don’t worry what your wife or husband says, or your professor. Don’t worry about the bumper sticker on your neighbor’s car, don’t worry about the campaign button on the lapel of the usher at church. Don’t worry about the polls. Don’t worry about any of it.

Just don’t settle. If all we have to do to defend liberty, and be worthy of the sacrifice of our magnificent warriors is to vote for the most conservative candidate we can find for president, then, for God’s sake: Don’t settle.

Just don’t settle.