Americans Despise Obamacare-- and the Latest Rasmussen Poll Shows that the Wrath is Growing

So, let’s keep talking about Rick Perry’s inability to remember Sonia Whatsername. Let’s make sure to constantly remind folks about Newt Gingrich’s inability to keep his pants up when his wife isn’t in the room. Let’s talk about what a crazy loon Michele Bachmann is, and how many lemons Rick Santorum sucks on before he starts debating.

Good Lord, people: The issue isn’t Perry, or Newt, or Mrs. Bachmann, or Santorum.

The issue is what a despicable Marxist tyrant President Obama is.

He scolds us constantly. Right now, he’s getting ready to jet off  for a 17-day all-expenses-paid vacation in Hawaii– right after painting a picture in Kansas of a Dickensonian America so desperately unfair that Wall Street Fat Cats are hocking Tiny Tim’s crutch on ebay. The irony is so delicious, only the Liberal Hack Media would miss it.

The man has played nearly 100 rounds of golf in his brief term. That’s nearly 17 DAYS of golf. This year alone, he’s taken, or planning to take, over one full MONTH of vacation. He’s constantly using Air Force One as his own personal taxi to jet him from one fundraiser to the next. If you take away the golf, the vacations, the fundraising and the overseas junkets, President Obama has logged about as much time in the White House as I have. Why would he spend a billion dollars to keep a job he clearly spends his whole life running from?

I’ve never seen a President so disconnected from a people he intends to lead. But, then, we are told he “leads from behind”. Well, excuse me, the only way you do THAT is at the point of a coward’s gun. The man manifestly does NOT lead. He coerces, he bullies, he forces.

The latest evidence? http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/healthcare/health_care_law

How many different ways do we have to tell President Obama we don’t want his damnable health-care cram-down? We even elected a Republican in Teddy Kennedy’s Massachusetts to keep it from becoming law! We flipped the House of Representatives to hatchet the “Affordable Care” act! We are suing his government in so many venues to keep this despised and hated law from taking effect that we can’t keep track of them all! A majority of the states have taken it to court, Republicans have won countless special elections, and on and on and on. WE HATE OBAMACARE! This is supposed to be a “representative Republic”, and yet, the will of the people is mocked, shunned and righteously ignored.

This election should be about what a remote, arrogant, condescending petty tyrant we have in the White House, and nothing else. It should be about how this man Obama runs around the country feeling our pain, and then shuffles off to Martha’s Vineyard to gorge on wagyu beef. It should be about how vicious, and extreme a radical leftist he is, so much so that he invokes not only the rhetoric of extreme socialists like Hugo Chavez, but his anti-democratic tactics, as well.

All the evidence is out in the open, if we want to look at it: Obama loathes the American middle class and wants it subjugated and destroyed.

Just look at the Rasmussen Poll again for proof.

By all means, though: Let’s keep talking about Newt’s peccadilloes, and Perry’s Alzheimers, and Mitt’s coif.

THOSE are the real issues facing America! And don’t you forget it.

Diane Sawyer won’t.

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