If the "Cain Accusers" have a Joint Presser, Here's 10 Questions that Demand Answers-!

1) Mrs. Kraushaar, In your opinion, how did your sealed severance agreement (which included a non-disclosure clause) come to the attention of the writers at Politico?

2) Did your attorney, Mr. Bennett, conduct any discovery proceedings in your first action? What were his process actions?

3) What was the result of these discovery proceedings? Were there any interrogatories?

4) If these allegation against Mr. Cain were so serious, why didn’t you file your grievance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

5) Now that the sealed non-disclosure agreement has been voided, will you be returning the monetary proceeds to the National Restaurant Association, or it’s intermediaries?

6) Ms. Bailek, if the matter of these allegations were so embarrassing that you couldn’t even discuss them with your own parents, and law enforcement officials, how is it less embarrassing to you now, 12 years later, to share them with 315 million Americans?

7) How did Gloria Alred come to represent you?

8 ) Mrs. Kraushaar, why did you not keep a copy of your sealed agreement with the NRA?

9) What are the precise allegations in the sealed action?

10) Who paid the final agreement settlement monies? Were they paid out before or after the tenure of Mr. Cain?