$70 Trillion in Unfunded Public Liabilites + $14.80 Trillion in National Debt + $1.4 Trillion in FY 2010 Budget Deficit = HERMAN CAIN IS A SLEAZEBALL (-Politico)

In the early 1990’s Herman Cain (at least according to the relatives and acquaintances of unnamed anonymous third-hand sources) said “offensive” things to a couple of women in the offices at the National Restaurant Association.

Was this before or after Barack Obama was snorting coke?

Or do we even know the timeline for the president’s drug abuse?

POLITICO, the graveyard of every two-bit Democrat Party/Leftist-Media Complex carnival barker (the same gang that found nothing of interest in Obama’s cocaine habit), is breathlessly reporting that Herman Cain said something that upset these gals –and, in the grand tradition of very recently post-Clarence Thomas America –sued the NRA, and the NRA shooed the matter away with a “five-figure” settlement. Of course, the case is sealed, and it is now oozing to the surface at a time that is most damaging to Mr. Cain.

I have to say: I am really, really relishing the proposition of how, exactly, Mr. Cain will deal with this latest swarm of gnats around his eyes.

The more the long knives from the left come out, the more I am predisposed to say to hell with this: I’m a Cain supporter. The very thought of a Cain nomination so utterly discombobulates the leftists that they are now openly telegraphing who most terrifies them as the ultimate opponent to President Obama. As I’ve said earlier: The vile, outlandish, disgusting treatment of Sarah Palin by the statist Democrats will be a Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party compared to the bloody lashing Mr. Cain will endure.

The threat Herman Cain poses to the Democrat political coalition is existential, and there is absolutely no length they won’t go, nor any depth they won’t plumb, to molecularly destroy Herman Cain.

All he has to do is capture 15-20% of the African-American vote in a general Presidential election, and it is curtains– not only for Obama, but the entire down-ballot Democrat panoply: They lose, probably for decades. The Republican Party becomes, once again, the “Party of Lincoln”. Herman Cain is not just the “Non-Obama”, he is the “Anti-Obama”– a man of spectacular self-achievement running against an entire leftist political philosophy that feeds on the most base jealousies, fears, grievances and  resentments of a fallen humanity. Such an election becomes the ultimate Western Grudge Match between the Rousseauean Mob and the Burkean Citizens.

And the Rousseaueans have been known –from time to time– to haul out the ol’ guillotine.

So, Herman: Watch your backside.

No, Politico and every other leftist mouthpiece doesn’t have time to look into the connections between Barack Obama and the New School in Chicago, and how, exactly, Billy Ayers came to the attention of the young Chicago pol. They don’t have time to figure out what, exactly, is the total amount of money we need to fully fund all the public pensions and other long-term obligations to which we’ve been indentured. They don’t have the time to figure out what the hell we were doing selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and toward what end. Politico can’t be bothered to figure out how we are obliged to borrow 40 cents out of every dollar we spend on a federal level, and who to hold accountable for such a travesty of the public fiduciary trust.

But they sure as hell have time to find out that some guy who headed up a trade group in the 1990’s said something offensive to his office staff. THAT we have to get to the bottom of. And quickly, too. The Democrat Party is at stake, and that means all hands on deck! You guys over at POLITICO: Grab a bucket, and start baling!

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

But, as it happens, Herman Cain IS a rocket scientist.