The Pee Party can Occupy Wall Street; The Tea Party will Occupy the White House

So, the Rainbow Gathering meets Brooks Brothers at the “Occupy Wall Street” hootenanny.  The possibilities for high (!) comedy seem endless. “Hey guys, watch out… We just heard there’s some really bad Tweed floating around!”

Uh, I don’t know how to tell these “protestors”, but they’ve been occupying Wall Street for forty years now. Going back as far as Jimmy Carter’s Banker-In-Residence Bert Lance, all the way through Chelsea Clinton’s shilling for $12-billion hedge fund Avenue Capital Group, and every Bob Rubin in between, the Hard Left of the Democrat Party has been enthralled with everything Wall Street for half a century now. How, exactly, did Al Gore become a billionaire? As a patchouli-oil salesman, or a snake-oil salesman? The only Global Warming we’ve really witnessed is his gaseous uplift as he bore the principals of the Chicago Climate Exchange along billowing clouds of methane emanating from his ever-open mouth, and ever-expanding bank accounts. One only becomes a lard-butt enviro-billionaire in in their early sixties by shaking down Wall Street– and having Wall Street slobber all over their spats in response.

Ho-hum. Another day, another leftist protest. I can think of a thousand different places these folks might want to occupy (–the lobby of the local Manpower office? The line for the showers at the local “Y”?), but, what the heck, Wall Street it is. After all, things will start getting chilly up in Madison in a week or two, and, I predict they will be Occupying Waikiki by Christmastime.

The truly outrageous part of this “protest” isn’t that it’s bankrolled by George Soros (-what hard-left cause isn’t funded by the pocket-change of this Nazi-bootlicker?), or that it is peopled by the most chuckle-worthy elements of drum-circles, food-purists, transvestites, and other various security risks;– it’s that President Obama has found in them a cause more common than with the Tea Party.

All you ever need to know about Obama can be found in this single truth.

In chumming up alongside these Occupiers, the President has also revealed a certain willingness to play with societal fire. An interesting quote:

“This man alone (Franklin Roosevelt) is responsible for this, our Second World War, backed by the Capitalist Millionaires and Billionaires, the Corporatists, and the Jewish Element… Roosevelt comes from a rich family, and (he) belongs to to the class whose path is smoothed in the democracies. I was only the child of a poor  family and I had to fight my way by work and industry. But, when the Great Struggle came, Roosevelt occupied a position where he got to know only the pleasant consequences, enjoyed by those who do the business transactions, while others bleed… I shared the fate of the lowest millions, and Franklin Roosevelt only the fate of the Upper Ten Thousand.”

Adolf Hitler, Speech to the Reichstag, Declaring War on the United States, December 10, 1941

William Shirer noted that the “robots of the Reichstag erupted with thunderous applause” when the Fuhrer launched into his class-warfare assault on Franklin Roosevelt.

But, back home –here in America– sixteen million young American men began a vast migration to go under arms; in fact, it began right after Hitler finished delivering his stupid class-envy speech that early winter day. Some American youngsters committed suicide when they were declared “4F”, or otherwise unfit for duty, rather than face what they considered the humiliation of not being able to serve America during her time of great need. Hitler’s class-warfare taunts were fightin’ words to Red Blooded Americans in the short days of 1941.

And, to Obama’s great ultimate electoral peril, I think they still are.

Obama’s ideals are alien ideals to most Americans. He underlines and underscores his complete lack of communion with America when he seduces the loathsome Occupiers with loving nods and winks. Most of us do not covet our neighbors wealth, nor do we conspire to take it through lawful or other means. We don’t begrudge success. We don’t viciously envy those that do better, work harder, or think more creatively than we do. Americans are inspired by such people, not angered by them.

Look at the outpouring of genuine love for Steve Jobs. I believe in the divine orchestration of irony– is it not infinitely interesting that the co-founder of Apple Computer died the very week that the stink-fest on Wall Street reached full ripeness? Here is a man —Steve Jobs— that created a company that has pumped infinite billions into the world-wide economy; over there on Wall Street are a bunch of agitators screaming at the tops of their lungs about how unfair everything is. Really? Steve Jobs is a living (well, you know..) testament to the power and glory of the sovereign individual, and how priceless is the ingenuity of a single human mind.

What could be more fair? Government coercion to enforce mediocrity? If you want that kind of fairness, there are flights everyday to Korea, and a greasy hippie would have a fair shot at slipping through the barbed wire into the North. There you will find enforced fairness… and enforced misery.

Only dangerous demagogues break out the us-versus-them, storm-the-Bastille, march-on-Poland rhetoric when they want to whip up the crowds. It worked in the littered soils of Hitler’s Hohenzollern Germany.

It won’t work in America.