I Know Someone Who Knows that Sarah's Running...*

Absolute knowledge have I none,

But my aunt’s washerwoman’s sister’s son

Heard a policeman on his beat

Say to a laborer on the street

that he had a letter just last week

A letter which he did not seek–

From a Chinese merchant in Timbuctoo

Who said that his brother in Cuba knew

Of an Indian chief in a Texas town

Who got the dope from a circus clown

That a man in Klondike had is straight

from a guy in South American state

That a wild man over in Borneo

Was told by a woman who claimed to know

of a well-heeled society rake

Whose mother-in-law will undertake

to prove that her husband sister’s niece

who stated plain in an online piece

That she has a son who never has fun

who knows for sure Sarah Palin will run


*with my apologies to Henry Cabot Lodge