Sarah: Since Barack won't visit our Inner Cities, Can you put it on Your Itinerary?

There is a societal melt-down occurring in the core of our major cities. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is eating Gelato and Kobe Beef in Edgartown.

His silly, weird, notably un-Presidential camping trip through the Corn-Pone lands of Green Energy and Friendly Audiences couldn’t find the time to visit with even one of the 50% of young black adults currently unemployed. Evidently, the interstates and surface highways don’t go that far into the inner cities. Maybe President Obama is waiting for the completion of one of those bullet trains to take him south of 8 Mile in Detroit, or into Cicero or Oak Cliff, Texas.

Well, there’s another bus tour that is winding it’s way through America at the moment. Sure, it kinda goes in fits and starts, and it leaves a panting, worn-our press exhaust in it’s wake. Sarah Palin is visiting some of America’s most iconic and treasured places by bus– and I think she would have the opportunity to destroy the shop-worn and frail Democrat Coalition if she announced she was going to visit, and work at, the Action Agencies, the soup kitchens, the rescue missions of our dying Inner Cities.

The destruction wrought by Barack Obama is no more evident than it is in such places. They are a tinder-box ready to explode.

How heartbreaking it must be to watch, as a retired Grandma, the meltdown of neighborhoods and diocese that used to be viable, even vibrant. Gangs troll the streets like feral rodents. Los Angeles County, by last estimate, has experienced over 300 gang-related murders this year alone, and probably twice that many that go unnoticed and unreported. And yet, there are still strong, hard-working, God-loving, patriotic Americans that live in these places that are utterly, utterly forgotten and ignored.

–by the first “black” President*.

Sarah Palin is a loving, confessing follower of Jesus Christ. I know she anticipates the question she will be asked when, hopefully old and full of years, decades from now, she enters eternity: “What, daughter, did you do with My Children? What did you do for the least of these?” By diving in with real love, and excitement, and compassion about what power the American Ideal has for such hopeless people, by hoeing container gardens, and painting blighted hallways, and ministering to those that need to believe in personal achievement, Sarah Palin could, by herself, bring the bulk of the inner-city “black” vote back to the Party of Lincoln– and build up treasures in heaven for all eternity.

It is the most loathsome, disgusting, diabolical fiction that the Democrat Party has ever given half-a-crap about Black Americans. It has kept them in segregated ghettoes for four generations now. It has wiped out their families with worthless “entitlement” programs; it has destroyed their neighborhoods with permissive legal establishements, and foul “urban renewal”.

If there was ever a time to focus tightly on the tragedy of our American inner cities, it is RIGHT NOW, as our first “black” president luxuriates in lilly-white Mahtha’s Vinyaad. While Black America fights and dies in the liberal trenches.

Please, Sarah — or Michele, or Herman, ANYBODY: Take your bus on a tour of our bombed-out, dying urban centers. They are our best, shining examples of how destructive 80 years of “progressive” public policy has been. And how the only way out is Freedom.

(*I put “black” in parentheses because I’ve never looked at Barack Obama as a “black”. I don’t do identity politics. I see only a 50-year old ideological statist narcissist, and that’s all I’ve ever seen)