Cut, Cap, Nip, Tuck, Whisper, Dissemble, Knit, Purl and Fold.

By 2021, the accumulated National Debt of the United States will be $23,000,000,000,000. I fear there is no getting around it now.

Our party Grandees are about to lock themselves away in perfect solitude, and come up with some asanine plan the contours of which no one will understand except the forty or so staffers that write the damned thing;– along with those that do the mind-numbing work on the endless enabling legislation that will define its ultimate parameters. Secret deals, arrived at secretively, that are unknowable and unworkable are not the way a once-grand Representative Republic is supposed to operate. Not in the least.

Where are the committee hearings? Where is the input of the citizens? Where is the inquiry of the vaunted press? What the hell, exactly, is going on?

By the way, the national debt will likely be much worse than this twenty-some odd “trillion” if, as most rational economists predict, interest rates return to their historic averages in the 5-8% range. The massive, unbelievably stunning federal spending increases will also be permanently cemented and entombed inside the Federal budget. The 2009 “stimulus” and the follow-on “omnibus” bills will carry over, year after year, after year. And interest rates will balloon. And our currency will be destroyed. There is no political will to stop it now.

Our children are now entering a weird state of indentured servitude, that no matter how much they work and strive, they will be held captive by permanent structural unemployment and bonded indebtedness to foreign sovereigns.

–Unless the likes of Jim DeMint can prevail upon the Tea Party stalwarts of the congress to vote “no” on any of the debt-ceiling elevation that doesn’t include the exact language of “Cut, Cap and Balance”. Sadly, Pace John Kennedy, Senator DeMint’s boat is so small, but the ocean of statism is so vast…

Frankly, Boehner scares the bejeezus out of me when he says the latest “deal” includes some “provision” for “considering” a “balanced budget amendment”. The only reason I support the DeMint proposal at all is because the specific language demands that the government cannot spend more than 18 or 19 percent of GDP. Without that, a balanced budget amendment to the constitution is a green light to permanent tax increases and monstrous growth of government, and the ultimate doom of our nation.

Which, of course, is the unwritten story of the death-rattle our nation might already be entering: We are doomed, unless some courageous, bold, outspoken, powerfully persuasive leaders break out, and soon: We are doomed.

Our once-great American system is broken. How can the senate pass ungodly huge, massive, untenable, unreadable bills that create entire new entitlements, and yet, not pass a simple budget to undergird them? How does this happen? Why is it allowed? How can new programs come on-line without underlying budgetary construct? Because the system is entirely broken, like a washing machine with it’s transmission blown, spewing water all over the laundry room, that’s how.

Please, Mr. Boehnor. I beg you: Stop with the negotiations, stop with the drama. You passed “cut, cap and balance”. According to CNN, two-thirds of America are on your side. You stood firm. Now adjourn the House and let the clock run out. We’ll be fine. The sun doesn’t rise and set in Washington. August Second will become August Third and then August Fourth and our Dear Leader will have to figure out how to keep the laundry room from flooding. Harry Reid might have to get off his bony rear-end and move things along, too.

Explain to the American People that the law compels the payment of debt service, and there will be no default. We have plenty of receipts coming in during August to cover debt service, Social Security payments, and so on. Let the statist liberals see what they have wrought, and explain it thus; They spent all this money, and now the bill is due. When there is only $200 billion in the drawer each month to pay for it, let these disgusting, piggish liberals figure it out. But, we aren’t raising taxes to do it.

If most Americans go out with their Credit Cards, and spend money they do not have, they oftentimes try to return what they can to the store. They make arrangements with the bank, the credit card company, and so on. We can’t afford Obamacare, so let’s return it. We can’t afford the “stimulus” bill, so let’s return it. We can’t afford “TARP”, so let’s take back what we can to the store.

There might be a restocking fee, but it’s better than secret deals, breathless intrique and, ultimately, societal collapse.

You are a lawmaker, and you made law;  Now it’s time, Mr. Speaker, to hang up the “Gone Fishin'” sign.

Cut, Cap, Balance… Leave.