An Orchard Full of Low-Hanging Fruit...

I don’t know that I’ve seen a supposed adult in a position of authority get so churlish so fast as President Obama did in his latest press conference. Beyond the stale allusions to millionaires and billionaires, and the eye-rolling straw-dog argumentations, and the seeming inability to remember salient facts about the members of his own family, is the realization that must be settling in even amongst the teeming warrens of Obama fanatics that the Presidential bag of oratorical tricks is not only empty, but it was an amazingly small bag to begin with.

Oh, how tired are the old rusty tropes, how threadbare the computer-generated Obama persuasions: Us versus them, old versus young, rich versus poor, health versus sickness.  How many times are the apparatchiks of the Democrat Party going to haul out the golden moldy-oldies? How much longer to we have to endure the unendurable from a political party that empirically endorses the destruction of our currency, our traditions and our society? And the truly frightening thing?

That John Boehner might blink.

Pace Jesus Christ, I suggest to Our Brave Speaker that if your eyelids cause you to blink, rip them off and discard them; Better that we have an eyelidless Speaker of the House than a society enslaved to bonded indebtedness for generations to come. Make no mistake: Rasing the debt ceiling means no less than this.

Remember: The Democrats in the House passed their $1 Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” bill in 2009 knowing full well that it would blow a hole in the debt ceiling. They knew the money wasn’t there, and was never going to be there. They passed it anyway. Likewise, these diabolical parasites also knew the $450 Billion Omnibus follow-on further enlarged this ragged and gaping hole. Like all spoiled children, though, they ran up the credit-card debt anyway, even though they knew their limit was passed back in December, and that Daddy would pay the bill anyway, along with all the overlimit charges– just like he always does.

The final insult? Both spending bills raised the budget baseline, and both items remain in the budget, year over year, evidently now in perpetuity, along with every penny of it’s principle and interest. It wasn’t just a “stimulus” or “omnibus” for Fiscal Year 2009. These items –along with all the shoveless “shovel-ready” projects, the high-speed rails to oblivion, the “jobs” called “green” because they make you nauseous to consider their cost–all of it, are permanently cemented now to the federal budget. The “stimulus” goes on and on and on, it’s all still on the budget, like a carbuncle on the forehead of the body politic: 2009? No problem? 2010? Sure, what the hell! 2011? Don’t even think of cutting a dime of it!

In 2008, none of this crap –all $3 Trillion of it– was even in the budget. Now, as the raising water of the Titanic-sized budget of the United States laps at the jewel-encrusted ceiling of the sinking ship, we are told we can’t cut a single paper clip, lest the autistic children starve in concentration camps.

The rhetoric from Obama and the left is intollerably infantile, pedantic and embarrasing. And if John Boehner and Eric Cantor can’t deflate this gaseous cloud of silliness, then they desperately need to find another line of work.

The next time President Obama mentions that “even though we’ve made great progress, much more needs to be done”, the House Leadership needs to point out that an unemployment rate that raises from seven-and-one-half percent to nine isn’t “progress”. The next time Barack unctiously claims that we all have to sacrifice, perhaps they could suggest that the President could set the example for us, and cut his yearly golfing rounds from seventy down to thirty-five.

And the next time this arrogant, naive and self-impoartant President tells this nation that we can’t “cut our way to prospertity”, perhaps the Republicans could say, well, Mr. President, spending ourselves into prosperity hasn’t worked either, has it? How ’bout we meet you half way then, Mr. President, and just cut the “stimulous” from 2009 that’s STILL ON THE DAMNED BUDGET IN 2012?

The rhetorical fruit for conservatism isn’t just low-hanging: It’s already fallen off the limb, and it’s rotting on the ground. All Boehner, and McConnell and Cantor have to do is bend over and pick it up.