Under Obamacare, the US Might Get a Little Draft-y...

According to the leftists, I have a “right” to “health care”.

If there was ever a need to deconstruct a concept, this is it.

Let us suppose, for the nonce, that such a right exists. What happens, though, if no one chooses to supply the actual means to provide for this healthcare? I have a right to get health care; but do other individuals have a right not to provide it for me?

What if people decide medicine is no longer an honorable profession, and abandon its practice? What if, after a generation, not a single doctor remains in the United States? Do we draft people to become doctors? What if medical device companies such as Stryker, and Teleflex, and Eli Lilly decide that such manufacture is no longer profitable, and suspend operation? Do we compel these companies by threat of force to stay in business?

What if nursing becomes such a dreary, dismal occupation that people drop out, and seek other employ? Do we force people to stay, and others to become nurses? What of pharmacists? Do we draft people into the pharmacy colleges, and force them to become druggists?

In short, does the “Right to Health Care” suborn every other right? It must, if we have to force people to provide for this supposed right. The right to pursue happiness is suborned to my right to health care, because, if no one wants to be a doctor to provide it for me, someone must be compelled to do it. Likewise, no rights to private property will exists if a “right” to health care exists: Private property will have to be seized when my right to a hip replacement outstrips the right of a company to provide it at a profit, and thus all the stockholders in that company will have their property stolen (think Chrysler) to give me a new hip.

Freedom of speech will be antiquated, as well. If there are no doctors, and the government forcibly compels folks into the practice of medicine, there will be no ability to express decent from the government’s arbitrary compulsions: You must accept them, without remark. Think Selective Service, and the ban against burning Draft Cards.

And, if we start drafting doctors, what would the quality be for such practitioners? People who “choose” a profession by threat of force tend not to do them very well. And thus my very right to life is compromised.

Well, I am told, people will always want to be doctors. Oh? People always wanted to be Pullman Porters, and blacksmiths, too; but the culture passed them by.

This is not a mere academic exercise, by the way. A poll conducted by The Lancet in the run-up to the Obamacare Debate suggested that up to 60 percent of oncologist and other cancer-related medical  practitioners would consider early retirement or outright leaving of the profession if Obamacare was passed. Polls by other firms in other fields had similar results.

Certainly America won’t be left with a single doctor; but, it will most assuredly be left with fewer and fewer as time rolls around, and the destructive capacity of government-run health care is fully understood.

The difference between the supposed amorphous “right” to health care, and all the other real, tangible, inalienable rights, is that no one provides for me my right to speak freely: God has already done it. No one provides for me my liberty. God has already done it. Others may protect that right, but they don’t provide it. No one provided me my life: God already did it. If no one becomes a Pastor, I can still be a Christian.

I may have a right to health care. But do doctors have a right to change professions?