All Hail the Vacationer-In-Chief!

Probably the most unexpected pratfall of the ascension of Barack Obama to the highest office was how often he would be Out Of The Office. Air Force One has built up so many Frequent Flier Miles that I fully expect to wake up one morning to find out that Mr. Obama has a controlling interest now in Perrillo Tours. This is in stark contrast to the image of Candidate Obama, who was alleged to have driven about the Illinois countryside in his Chrysler, eating at truck stops. Since occupying the White House, tho’, it seems that the President sure has acquired a taste for 6-star resorts, multi-million dollar junkets, and lavish golf vacations.

What, precisely, would be pressing enough to keep our Brave Young President home at night?

Obviously, you have to stick close enough to ESPN’s extension cords to fill out your NCAA Brackets– so, that kept Obama in Washington for a day or two. But, other than that, what, precisely, occupies our first ADHD-president’s attention long enough to make him put his man-bag away in the front closet for more than a fortnight? In a bit of reverse Post-Office sloganeering, what Keeps Our President Away from His Appointed Rounds?

We found out this week: Barack Obama won’t interrupt a family vacation in order to fly home and explain why he’s sending our magnificent Armed Forces into yet another third-world hell-hole. Nope, can’t be bothered. Let the gals up in the State Department and the UN explain it.

Oh, I know: Barack postponed his trip to India (twice) to arm-twist on behalf of the passage of Obamacare. And, he put off his trip to Indonesia and Australia so that he could be in town the minute it passed, so he could sign it before it melted. No, when it comes to bullying congress into passing thousand-page bills to restrict freedom, Barack Obama is Johnny-On-The-Spot–; no vacations, no jet-setting, no nuthin’.

But, when it comes to sending young warriors (and informing their families) into the teeth of battle, for no readily apparent reason, Barack Obama is off enjoying the sights as the “Grand Tourist”, eating the little packets of peanuts, and getting the time-share sales pitch.

“Aloof” isn’t the word for this; neither is “disengaged”. This man is in La-La Land.