Next Monday is the First Anniversary of Obamacare: How Will YOU Celebrate?

As for myself, I remember that day, now one year ago, like a foggy half-dream: Waiting for the well-coiffed Congressman Bart Stupak to appear before the breathlessly anxious and cowering masses to announce his choice: Would America stand ram-rod straight in the face of an onslaught of statist, tyrannical authoritarianism, and reject socialized medicine– or would we lurch headlong into a nightmare of government control of our most personal, private affairs? Would we have to forevermore remonstrate supinely before our government masters as we beg for life-saving procedures; or would we have the freedom to engage in whatever treatments we deign for ourselves to be best for us, and our families?

Which would it be? Freedom, or slavery?

We all remember with resigned horror: The Honorable Bart Stupak looked right into the unblinking eye of the American television audience on March 21st, 2010, and announced his choice: Slavery.

And America has been roiled ever since. Imagine if he’d chosen the other course…

Mr. Stupak, the leader of the supposed “Stupak 16” who were nominally (but very publicly) opposed to Nancy Pelosi’s fugue-state nightmare of government-controlled healthcare on the basis that it might, or might not, pay for abortions. Yes, oh yes, those sixteen Congressmen would not vote for Government-Run Healthcare under any circumstances… unless, well; unless they were given the wet noodle of an executive order from the most pro-abort President ever saying, wink, wink, abortion won’t be paid for. THEN they’ll vote for it. All the while performing a fan-dance of righteous, politically -principled statesmanship– leaving the public (which was then, and remains to this day), thoroughly opposed to the Bill– on tenterhooks, hoping against hope, that America would remain unsnared.

That hope was dashed on March 21st, 2010, at 2:15 PM, Eastern Standard Time. So, how will you celebrate the worst American legislative calamity in the past fifty years?

As I say, America has been roiled ever since. We nearly rejected this assault. Given the overwhelming odds, based on the huge majority of governing authoritarian elites inside the Congress at the time, it is amazing that we almost survived the sucker-punch. Instead, we took the blow face-first, and overnight, the American people were entrapped. But, almost immediately, they rose up, shook off the blurriness, and took to the streets– nothing has been the same since.

The House fell in November. The better part of a thousand new Republican state legislators were elected. Nancy Pelosi has been relegated to the coat-check room. But, much more sadly, there are thousands and thousands of Americans that have been thrown out or work, or into turmoil, as a direct result of this this stinking pile of authoritarianism. Thousands of folks that worked for private insurance companies have lost their jobs. Tens of thousands, if not millions, of Americans remain unemployed, or underemployed, as the job-providers who might hire them stagger around, punch-drunk, unable to discern with clarity what their future payrolls could look like.

Health Insurance premiums across the country have skyrocketed, just as predicted. Waivers are granted by the Obama Administration like turnout-gear for firefighters during the London Blitzkrieg: Quick! over here! McDonald’s needs a waiver, or they’ll kick everyone off their corporate Mini-plans! Quick, over here! Eaton needs a waiver! Oops, here’s another one– the State of Maine needs a waiver! Over here, look—

Meanwhile, the budgetary shortfall chasm spreads open like the Japanese earthquake– 260 Thousand Millions in February alone. That’s some fix! And the disaster just keeps spreading.

Again, how will you celebrate?

I have a tiny suggestion. Let’s make March 21st the Patriot’s May Day, where the hundreds, the thousands, the tens of thousands march in stalwart determination to throw off the Overseers. It is, after all, oftentimes the first day of Spring. And, hope springs eternal…

What say we take to the streets again? Or jam the phone lines? Or snow under the Congressional Mail Room? Let’s clog the servers. Close down the streets. Let’s show the new congress we haven’t forgotten, we are still here, staring them down, steely-eyed, like the High Plains Drifter. We’re watching. We sent them there, the congressional Freshman Republicans, to kill Obamacare– Now kill it!

It’s One Year Later. How will you celebrate?