7 Ways We Will Know Congressional Republicans are Serious When...

1) …They stop engaging the mechanisms of the Leftist-Media Complex. That means no more mugging for interviews with Leslie Stahl. No more trial balloons on the Sunday morning gab-fests at the antique television networks. No more sucking up to the New York Times. No more worrying what David Gregory thinks of them. If they must go to these forums, then they will do it on their terms, in their time, with their agenda. No more defensive posturing against leftist straw-dogs, no more leftist when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife jousting. Cut it out. You have the American People on your side. Don’t worry about explaining it to the Washington press corps: They won’t get it anyway. Engage with greater vigor the bloggosphere, talk radio, and Fox News instead.

2) …They will not fund one dime of Obamacare. That means combing through the lice-infected, stinking pile of tyrannical donkey-dung known as the “Affordable Care Act” with a fine-toothed wire brush and finding even the most picayune detail that attempts to spend money on any form of its implementation, and defund it. Line by line, even word by word, if need be.

(–By the way: In just how many different ways do we have to tell you people in Washington that WE DON’T WANT OBAMACARE? We send Scott Brown to Washington; we still get Obamacare. We rally by the millions across the nation, we STILL get Obamacare! We throw Nancy Pelosi out on her backside, we’re STILL getting Obamacare. WE DON’T WANT IT! Kill it! Chop it into tiny pieces! Burn it, and spread the ashes over Bull Run Creek!)

3) …They stop engaging in the fetishism of anthropogenic Global Warming. The greatest public policy hoax since “Racial Science” is the criminal fraud known as “man-made Global Warming”. There is no rational, scientifically-based defense for any public policy that is based on man’s alleged culpability in the warming of the planet (-especially since the planet stopped warming in 1998). All such references should be, as a matter of procedure, stricken from any federal laws, and hearings should be held to inform and educate the American people about the facts.

4)..They actually de-fund National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood and ACORN. But, they don’t stop there– the entire panoply of the left must be de-funded, from the Executive Level departments that institutionalize the Leftist world-view (the Department of Energy, the Department of Education), to the instrumentalities that continually prop up the bloated leviathan, such as Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, FMHA, and a host of alphabet-soup agencies.

5)..They are willing to engage in an array of parliamentary guerrilla tactics to achieve the conservative agenda. Wisconsin Republican State Senators established a new gold-standard of the sort of courage, moxie and guts it takes to achieve the results that the American voters sent them to Washington to achieve. To heck with the rules: The future of the nation is at stake, and frankly, nobody cares if you are behaving gentlemanly.

6) ..They do not shrink from the specter of the Federal Government being shut down. This is a tremendous bargaining chip that mustn’t be blithely tossed aside. The Democrats fear another shut down: Polls this time around indicate that the American people will be with the Republicans if the shut-down is framed as a battle against the big-spending, bloated federal government. Unlike under Newt Gingrich, there is now the element of trying to slay the dragon of debt that wasn’t easily discernible in 1994.

7)..They actually reduce federal spending to 2007 levels, and simultaneously explain to the American people that, in so doing, they are removing all vestiges of the 2009 “stimulus” and “omnibus” bills, and will not, under any circumstances, re-authorize the continued spending on any item contained in those laws. The American people understand the difference between what was perceived as an extraordinary, “emergency” measure to supposedly “jump start” an ailing economy, and a larded-up federal budget that funds Democrat constituency groups in perpetuity.

Unlike Christianity, the United States will know the fruits of our legislators by their works, not their faith. The time to get things done start now.