8.9% or 10.4%?

I guess in Barack Obama’s national classroom, we are now grading unemployment on a curve.

The Labor Department (one of the most oxymoronically-named agencies in the world) has pegged the February unemployment rate at 8.9 percent. I guess we’re supposed to explode into V-J Day-style celebrations in the streets of Times Square, with one gay Green Energy technicians grabbing another and giving him a great big smoocheroo, now that unemployment is down beneath the nether-regions of 9%. Whoo-Hoo!

Except Gallup is saying that the unemployment rate went, ahem —UP — in February, from 9.8% to 10.3%.

8.9% vs 10.4%. Hmmm…

That’s quite a slap of cold water, isn’t it? It also makes me wonder who’s in charge of the calculators over at the DoL, and who is manning the whips and cudgels to arrive at this number.

Further, whom do we trust for our information of this sort? The agency whose sole objective now is the re-election of their sainted boss –and who invented the statistical "saved" job, or a private polling firm with seventy years under its belt, that requires accuracy in order to stay in business?

I’m quite sure that, by October of 2012, the Department of Labor will have the unemployment rate at about 3.9%. We’ll just quite counting those that are still looking for jobs, because, after all, LOOKING for a job is a job itself , isn’t it?

I’m quite sure the geniuses squirreled away in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy haven’t the faintest clue the damage they are doing to our institutions, when they continually lie and obfuscate. Everybody intuitively KNOWS, for example, that Obamacare won’t save a penny, but instead will cost trillions and trillions of dollars, and will ruin the healthcare system. But, the Obama Administration continues in their lies and deception in their pursuit of personal aggrandizement and power. Likewise, everybody knows intuitively that there is no way to calculate a "saved" job. But, the blatant, bald-faced lies continue pouring out of this White House like dioxin at Love Canal.

If every one of the instrumentalities of the federal government devolve to the point where nothing they say can be trusted, what happens during our next Cuban Missile Crisis moment? What happens when fundamental trust in our bonding authority is eroded? It will make Madison look like an ice cream social.

The end-game is this: The Washingtonians know they only have to hold out another twenty or so months: then, if they can lie, and cheat, and make a Potemkin village of the entire nation, and they can shoehorn Barack back into his commodious residence in the White House, all of this iron-fisted authoritarianism will be forever cemented into the national character, and then Obama will have met his real campaign promise:

Transformation .