That's 2 More Rounds of Applause than I would have given him...

Two things that make a toxic combination: Arrogance and naivete.

Barack Obama is an arrogant, churlish, petulant man. You can usually take this sort of behavior from a John McEnroe, or a Joe Namath, or a Ben Hogan, or Donald Trump because there are so very few human beings that make it to the top of their chosen fields of endeavor. As Dizzy Dean said, "It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it".

But, as far as I can tell, or has been demonstrated, Barack Obama can’t do squat : Our foreign policy is a mish-mash of disastrous post-colonial altruism, Barney-the-Dinosaur hand-holding, and beaten-wife supine weakness. Our domestic economic policy (such as it is) has no discernible objective, much beyond enormous, bloated graft for Democrat Party constituencies. Barack Obama has endlessly stirred the pot of class antagonism, pitting one group of Americans against another for his apparent enjoyment. We are utterly stalled in the muddy fields of government overreach.

President Obama, though, continues to live his incredibly small, little life in his increasingly hermetically-sealed cocoon as if he’s had no real-life experience over the course of the last 26 months. He shuffles from one disaster to another, thrashing around as if his chosen courses and nostrums have no effect on the broader course of national events.

So, he steps in front of the United States Chamber of Commerce (a group, by the way, he accused –with absolutely no evidence– of funneling foreign cash into Republican campaign coffers), and scolds THEM about lack of compassion, morality and direction. If I had been in that audience, I would have sat on my hands, too. Not out of a desire to withhold  applause, but out of sheer willpower to keep from rushing his rostrum and slapping the arrogant little Son-of-Birther.

I own my own little company. We employ about ten or twelve folks year round, which swells to forty or so when the season hits in earnest. We struggle to keep up with the taxes, the rules, the regulations, the monumental costs of just keeping the the lawyers, the accountant and the inspectors at bay. In the last month, we’ve had the pencil-necks from the Agriculture Department testing our freezer thermometers, and the OSHA people measuring the sound levels in our productions facility. We are in a constant struggle for breath, and this little puke of a President stands in front of a gathering of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, and talks about THEIR moral obligations.

This is rather like Charlie Sheen addressing a wine wholesalers convention, and telling them to quit making him drunk.

Worse yet, is our President’s breathtaking naivete about how a business actually operates , (nay, even why it exists ) and what its role is vis-a-vis the federal government. When he alluded to the amazing, brilliant, strenuous work his administration had undertaken ("lowering tariffs, reworking the tax code," etcetera) on behalf of stinky, eeeevil business, and then shrank back into his jaw-pressing smirk, I literally wanted to slap him. Just who the HELL does this man think he is? Moses? Adam Smith? I wanna puke!

So, Mr. Obama comes around and fingers the rope around your neck, and asks you if you are more comfortable.

This man has never created a damned thing, probably can’t even figure out how to jiggle the handle on the toilet to keep it from running. And he does the statist mathematics in his head, declaring that, since we’ve done all this wonderful stuff in Washington JUST FOR YOU, you must now genuflect before your great overseers, and do as we bid. HIRE PEOPLE! SHARE YOUR PROFITS! Never mind that you have absolutely no reason to hire anyone, or declare a dividend, or buy a piece of equipment because Obama’s stupid, naive, wooly-headed fascisti policies have driven all your customers into the shadows, JUST HIRE PEOPLE, Damnit!

Evidently, we’re all in this for the beneficent Motherland. We must all march into the fields, singing songs of glory for our Dear Leader.

Lord, I can’t wait for 2012.

Pace the old adage, "Dumb, Ugly and Fat is no way to go through life". Neither is Petulant, Arrogant and Willfully Stupid, either.