Violent Political Assailants in America, Then and Now: A Primer

A little noticed article from the Tulsa World, dated August 2, 2010:

Lolita Lebron, a Puerto Rican independence activist who spent 25 years in prison for participating in a gun attack on the U.S. Congress a half-century ago, died Sunday. She was 90.

This was the lead story on all three major networks, the New York Times, and so on. Oh, wait. It wasn’t. In fact, the death of this far-left terrorist was noted by practically no one.

I think it is very instructive, in the days and weeks ahead, as the leftist-statist narrative of the monstrous attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona begins to emerge, that we keep in mind who, throughout history, has attempted to use the barrel of a gun to achieve certain political results, and who manifestly has not.

The mainstream entertainments, including the leftist-liberal media complex, is already in full-hyperventilation-mode and has worked itself into a frothy discombobulation that somehow Sarah Palin, and Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, and probably the local Lions Club,  are somehow to blame for a singular nut-job emerging from under his tin-foil hat long enough to start shooting at people. I don’t know the motives of the nut-job, I haven’t committed the nut-job’s name to memory, but I can say with certainty that I look forward to the day he is strapped to a cross-shaped gurney, and injected with Drain-O, or whatever they use to kill such vermin. I also am completely uninterested in the political “philosophy” of any nut-job, let alone one that kills innocent nine years olds, not to mention innocent Democrat congresswomen.

It bespeaks a certain evil of those on the political Left that immediately pounce on this horrible, detestable, grotesque, monstrous crime to try to pick political advantage out of it; I rather liken it to pulling the crud and hair and soap-scum from a clogged grease-trap trying to find a broken rubber band. There is no advantage in such tomfoolery, except that it stinks up the room and gets your hands all dirty.

Further, it is completely ignorant, both of the immediate and unknown facts, and of the long tapestry of political violence in this country, and how it is almost uniformly (when there are real POLITICAL motives that are discernible at all) leftists that shoot to kill perceived political opponents.

Ms. Lebron, in the above noted press story was one of four “Puerto Rican Nationals” that stole into the gallery above the United States House of Representatives, and opened fire onto the House floor, shouting “”Viva Puerto Rico libre!”, and then unfurling the nationalist flag of Puerto Rico.

The press today, treats Ms. Lebron as a sort of Leonard Peltier of Puerto Rico. The same Tulsa World article goes onto say:

Lebron was a leading figure in the small but passionate nationalist movement in this U.S. territory.

“Lolita was the mother of the independence movement. This is an insurmountable loss,” said Maria de Lourdes Santiago, a member of the Caribbean island’s Senate from the Puerto Rican Independence Party.

Can you imagine, today, the same Tulsa World making the same quote of 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, the detestable monster that shot up downtown Tuscon? Of course not; and they shouldn’t; but, he already has the patina of a Timothy McVeigh, as a right-wing talk-radio Tea Party fanatic who just got all revved up by–wait for it– the incendiary rhetoric.

But, let’s take a short, cursory look at real incendiary rhetoric, and its cost through the years in America…

Incendiary rhetoric caused Ted Kaczynski (the “unabomber”) to send lethal packages all over the United States, and even quoted from it in his “manifesto” to the New York Times: Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance

Incendiary rhetoric caused by such publications as “The Worker” and “The Socialist” caused Lee Harvey Oswald to take a pot-shot at far-right General Edwin Walker in the spring of 1963 before he finally succeeded at his ultimate aim, which was “throwing a definite monkey-wrench into the capitalist cabal” by shooting President John F. Kennedy. One of the pictures that Marnia, Oswald’s wife, took of Lee is inscribed on the back in the handwriting of the assassin: “Hunter of Fascists. Ha-Ha!”

Annette “Squeaky” Fromme, a hanger-on at Charles Manson’s Spahn Ranch in California, and a definite believer in Manson’s far-left anti-capitalistic anarchy, and consumer of The Mother Earth News, and Ramparts, attempted to shoot President Gerald Ford in the late summer of 1975. She was followed by Sara Jane Moore, an avowed leftist who was enthralled with the far-left Symbionese Liberation Army, who got within forty feet of President Ford that autumn. In 2009, after her release from prison said, “I’m glad I didn’t get him (Ford), but I don’t regret trying”.

From Leon Czolgosz, the far-left “progressive” anarchist and presidential assassin of William McKinley, to Professor Amy Bishop in early 2010, who shot up the corporate offices of The Discovery Channel, Leftist rhetoric is demonstrably more incendiary, and deadly, than that of the Right.

We should fully flesh out and develop this theme in the days and weeks after this horrible crime in Arizona. We cannot allow the political Left, in their fundamental zeal to gain political power, to tar those on the political Right with the blood of the nut-job vermin that perpetrated this latest crime. It is immoral, it is wrong, and worse still, it is ignorant of the bloodthirstiness of the history, and rhetoric, on the Left.

And please: Keep Congresswoman Giffords in your prayers for the next several days and weeks, along with the other victims of this filthy, disgusting slaughter. This sort of thing should absolutely not redound to anyone’s political advantage, or disadvantage. We should bind up the wounds, and get back to saving this country.

Getting our friends on the left to read some history is a good place to start.