Tonight I Pray for You All, and for The President of the United States...

Barack Obama is just a man: A guy that grew up without a dad, who often asked his mama, "when is Papa coming home?" She’d temporize, and eventually Barack came to the heartbreaking conclusion that his dad would never come home. It must have left a hole in his heart that never really healed.

How could it?

Let us ponder this lonely child for a moment, here on Christmas Eve. So many long ago Christmas Eves, before his mother moved him to other parts of the world where the Christian influence was less stark, young Barack likely saw families cloistering themselves away on Christmas Eve, and he must have ached to have what they had. There are so many young Baracks tonight…

When you consider the role-models he had as a child, President Obama has moved magnificently as a father, to do his best to be around for his little girls, Malia and Sasha. He’s given his children a place to feel loved, and secure, and to experience what he so likely did not as a boy. He’s provided Christmases for them most little girls can only dream of.

In large measure, Barack Obama’s life is a glorious testament to the redeeming power of the American Dream. He came from nothing, even squandering (by his own admission) so much of this youth in idle hedonism and sloth. But, give him due credit: he took stock of things as a young man, applied himself in a way that was never modeled for him, and went to work. He had bootstraps, and pulled himself "up".

This should be the amplified narrative of the life of Barack Obama.

To look at him is to know that America is a magnificent place, where earnest people want desperately to believe in the best of folks. He should be America’s biggest, more ebullient cheerleader, her most ardent defender. For reason we will dissect in greater detail in the years to come, he is none of these things, sadly.

But, tonight, I will pray for my President, and his family. I disagree profoundly with most everything the man stands for, and for which he advocates. He is my political nemesis. But, he is just a man. And the miracle of Christmas is that all men can be redeemed. God is working on me , so I know he moves in all men’s hearts…

I will pray that President Obama will be protected, and that he will find new wisdom, and come to a new understanding, an understanding that passes only between him and God. I will pray that the Lord will open Barack’s eyes in a manner to which he is unaccustomed. And, I also pray that God will show me where I am offending Him, and displeasing Him, and show me where I must improve.

The Democrats are our sworn political enemies. But, they are simple human beings, Americans, and many of them are our leaders. I will pray for them tonight, and for their families. Christmas Eve reminds me so much how desperately this fallen world needed saving, and a deeply loving Lord intervened one night as a tiny baby to rescue us. This baby grew to see all ends, and we cannot.

All we can do, as King Solomon admonished so many seasons ago, is pray.
May the Lord Bless you all this evening.