The Top Three Legislative Priorities for 2011: 1) Repeal Healthcare 2) Repeal Healthcare 3) Repeal Healthcare

All Rightee then…

The pronouncements have come down from On High: The Tea Party troglodytes lumbered down from the hills and hollers, wrecked poor Mike Castle, Sue Lowden, and Lisa M. (How Michael Bennet, Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson fit into this puzzle is open to debate. Maybe these are the exceptions proving the rule, I guess)

If only these rubes, led by the pitchfork and scaling-knife wielding Sarah Palin, had listened to esteemed counsel of the Thurston Howell set in Washington, things would be hunky-dory right about now, carving up the Senate spoils and…

Not repealing Healthcare.

That’s right, they all said as much before the election. Ho-hum, why even try? And thus, capturing the senate meant what, exactly?

If the G.O.P had pulled off enough major upsets (including the very UN-Tea-Party-ish Carly Fiorina) to capture the US Senate, these wizened elites already telegraphed that they wouldn’t have enough votes to override a presidential veto; hence, it would only be so much political theater to give it the old college try. And, of course, the great Senate of the United States of America stands four-square against political theater. So, they wouldn’t. And, while I’m no Jean Dixon, I am fairly sanguine about how the Great Earl of Castle would have voted on such a repeal. It likely would have been another Snowe job.

But, the narrative is already in place. Those stump-toothed NASCAR fans are not to be trusted with our electorate, not no way, not no how. We have to VET our candidates, you see. Now, no one is clear who, precisely, has vetted Peggy Noonan, or Karl Rove, but, man, they’re the smart ones. They predicted this disaster.

And now, as punishment for this stinging defeat of only capturing only 65 house seats, and nearly 700 state house contests and a vast majority of governors, we must retreat into our corners, and realize that this election wasn’t about Healthcare. I guess it was about the pleat in Barack Obama’s trouser-leg, or maybe about cutting off Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgeon. Whatever. It was most certainly NOT about Repealing Healthcare.

The wheezing old woman of the Far Left, Joe Conason, in fact, has given this brilliant analysis in his most recent epistle:

Election Day exit polls showed that the health care bill is not nearly so widely despised as right-wing propaganda suggests — and that its demise is certainly not the highest priority of voters. Asked whether they want the health care reform bill repealed in the next Congress, 48 percent said yes and 47 percent said no.

Now, dismissing for the moment that even in his stupid quoted exit-poll shows a clear majority of people want the carbuncle removed from the Constitution, exit-polls predicted –it should be remembered– that John Kerry won the 2004 presidential election in a landslide.  So much for the wisdom of exit polls.

Never mind that a thoroughgoing majority of the winning republicans for federal office ran on the basis of repeal. According to the Conason the Barbarian, the stunningly Orwellian-named “Patient Protection and Affordability Act” isn’t “despised”. Perhaps not. “Loathed”, yes, “Despised”, no.

Thus, there have been a number of unctuous, pedantic, usual-suspects-on-the-right to fall in the freshly-plowed furrows the likes of Joe Conason so cunningly have plowed. We can only “chip away” at parts of the bill, and leave “highly popular” provisions in place. What provisions? The provisions that say we each get a free plasma television just for signing up? The part that says we can have an all-expense-paid cruise is we catch a cold? Which parts, exactly, should we keep in place, seeing as how absolutely no one knows what the damned thing says, or, even worse, what it means?

If the conservatives buckle to this narrative, they are toast: burned, scraped, and tossed in the sink. They KNOW why they won, and it has nothing to do with a lack of Obamanian lack of communication, or simply the cyclical nature of the stupidity of the American People. Yes, we wanted a number of things to happen after the election, and they are, in order:

1) Repeal Healthcare

2) Repeal Healthcare

3) Repeal Healthcare

Now, I will also note that Robert Goddard’s first back-yard rocket in 1927 didn’t quite reach the moon. But, he didn’t stop trying, and yes, it took a few more years to accomplish the feat. I suspect the same Equation of Success could somehow be applied to the repeal of the most tyrannical piece of dung ever thrown at the American people.

Over, and over, and over again, until it’s gone.

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