Obama's Government may not be Transparent, but his Rhetoric Sure Is!

The estimable hanky-wringer, Mr. DeWayne Wickham, emerged from a Sob Brothers Lodge Meeting held the other night at the White House, snuffling that poor old Obama was suffering from that age-old malady that presidents often get when they get stuck cowering in their bunkers overlong: Unsightly Whimpering.

According to DeWayne, it seems these loathsome Republicans are ganging up on our poor young President. Worse, there doing it with “foreign” money.

Now, I thought Mr. Wickham went the way of dial telephones and carbon paper, but, evidently he’s still cranking out utterly delusional anti-American screeds, just as he did back in the ’70’s when President Jimmuh came down with a similarly bad case of Unsightly Whimpering.  Not only is Mr. Wickham evidently still engaged in his lofty journalistic pursuits, but, it seems he’s also part of the enormously influential Trotter Group.

The Who? C’mon, the Trotter Group! You know, the organization dedicated to “Columnists that Can and Do Think Black”. Oh, yeah THAT Trotter Group! Now, President Obama doesn’t have time to get out on the road to say, Lenexa, Kansas, or Huston, Texas or any other “Red” state and defend and explain his health care law. He’s far to busy meeting with the Trotter Group, whimpering and sobbing with them about how unfair it is to be president.

So, last week, our brave, young, misunderstood president was meeting with DeWayne Wickham at the White House with the other giants of journalism in the Trotter Group. Mr. Wickham lumbered away from the meeting, his cheeks soaked, his eyes swollen, and wrote the following words:

(the GOP is) buoyed in this effort by those on the rabid fringe of the right wing who chant: “I want my country back,” as if slaves have taken over the plantation. And they are financed to a great degree by right-wing donors who pour money — much of it untraceable — into the GOP coffers.

My, but DeWayne IS living up to the code of the Trotter Group to “think black”. There is not one bit of racial allusion in his writing that I can detect. DeWayne went on to quote Right Reverend Obama when he thundered:

“And, frankly, I would feel very confident about our position (in the election) right now if it weren’t for the fact that these third-party independent groups, funded by corporate special interests and run by GOP operatives, without disclosing where that money is coming from, are outspending our candidates” by big margins.

After Vladamir Lenin met with British emissaries who were trying to get the frothing Bolshevik to give up his murderous ways, the old Limeys went away feeling very proud that they’d prevailed upon Russia’s Number One Revolutionary to go easy. Once they were out of ear-shot, Lenin called them “useful idiots”.

Mr. Wickham is a “useful idiot”, although, I’m not even sure the descriptor is necessary.

As on old lawyer, Mr. Obama, with his now-constant engaging in the “foreign money” theme, is simply engaging in “jury nullification”, and he’s using stools like Wickham to get out the message.

When things go badly for the Democrats on November Second — and they will–, the enduring narrative will be that the GOP “stole” the election from Obama with all of their “foreign” money. It is his, and his media pilot-fish’s, attempt to de-legitimize the election, even before it takes place. Obama, as his own election-finance record attests, doesn’t give a damn about “foreign money”. He just wants the narrative in place to nullify the election result.

Yes, sir, they had a grand old time, the Trotter Group (which sounds more to me like a bevvy of patients at the diarrhea treatment center), howling for eight years that the Presidency of George W. Bush was stolen, it was illegitimate. They want the same story-line well established after this election too, so that Mr. Obama can keep cowering in his bunker, and somehow come out like a Manly Victim.

And DeWayne Wickham is happy to lick the boots, and carry the water.