Motivation? Try THIS for a Nightmare Scenario..

So, the champagne corks are a-poppin, the red, white and blue balloons have all wafted down from the rafters, the patriotic bunting is surreptiously clinging to high heels, and the results seem clear: It is the wee hours of the morning of November 3rd, 2010. The Republicans have won a staggering majority in the United States House of Representatives, picking up some 67 seats. Likewise, the GOP has won most of the crucial governorships. Even the senate seems… wait…

There are evidently some voting irregularities in Clark County, Nevada. The Country Recorder, Debbie Conway says that a number of important polling stations haven’t reported, and are having difficulty tallying their results. Sharron Angle, who was holding a razor-thin lead in her race against House Majority Leader Harry Reid, has seen that lead evaporate under the haze of the balloting in the early hours.

As the minutes tick by, no clear winner has emerged. Angle was up by some 1,200 votes at 2AM, but, now, by 8AM on Wednesday morning, that lead is down to some 60 votes, and three precincts are unable to report.

The hours turn to days. All sorts of shenanigans are starting to pop up: Lost absentee ballots, local officials unable to certify results. Machines registering no votes whatsoever. Simple errors in mathematics. A recount is assured.

By January First, Harry Reid emerges as the clear winner, by some 30,000 votes. “Uncounted” ballots are found in Community Centers, in armored vehicles, and in the closet of the home of a Precinct Worker who said she “didn’t know what to do with them” on election night.  Furthermore, Joe Lieberman, who had let it leak that he may begin caucusing with the new Republican Majority, has reneged, saying, no, he cannot countenance the “extreme” nature of many of the new incoming Republican Senators, and his conscience determines he must counterbalance them with his own “independent”  instincts.

The Final Verdict? The Republicans have a net gain of 8 seats, leaving a senate divided 49-51, with Harry Reid as the Majority Leader. In victory, he says the following:

“Let it be clear that the American People have spoken: They favor a divided Washington, and that part of this is a check against the extremism that Sharron Angle represented. I will work non-stop over the next two years, not only to compromise with my new colleagues in the Senate, but with the new Majority in the House of Representatives. America has invited a new era into its Government, but it has rejected the polarization of the so-called ‘Tea Party'”.

Good Lord. Send money and help to Sharron Angle NOW, before this actually happens.