Last Time I Checked, the Constitution was a "Pledge"...

There is a reason that conservatives revere our heritage, why we hold our Constitution to be inviolate and sacred, why we are such namby-pambies about the words we invoke:

We have a radical love for our fellow human beings, we have deep, abiding awe for those that have fought and died for these traditions. And we take the covenantial aspects of a "pledge" to be just that– A covenant. And we live under a "Pledge", and we know this pledge was made in absolute serious and reverential honor. And, most importantly, it is not up to us to break it.

Somewhere, sometime, many ages of the Republic ago, men gathered in a room, signed their names to a document they fretted over during the sweltering heat of a long-ago Philadelphia summer, and made a "Pledge"; A simple, human-scented "Pledge". And "pledges" either mean something, or they don’t– and if they don’t, no law, simply put, is law. And how are we to choose, in the absence of a pledge?

A "Pledge" was made, long ago. The pledge was that there were only a very bits of authority that redounded to a small, central government. It could raise taxes to provide harbors, and post-roads, and maintain a navy. It could establish treaties with foreign powers, it could make courts of original jurisdiction. There were a few other things, but, on the main, that was the nub of it. It was, actually, a very simple pledge.

And look what we’ve done to it.

The Constitution is all the "Pledge" we need. We don’t need to argue about it being a list of "negative" or "positive" rights. It is what it Is. We don’t need to make up stuff about it that simply isn’t true, or make assertions about passages that aren’t in there that we wish were, or about passages that ARE in there that we with weren’t .

If we want to change the covenants of this "Pledge", we are pledged to a mechanism to change it. No amount of high-concept marketing will change this fact.