Lordy, Lordy, Lordy-- The Vapors of David Brooks

It is worth it to recall those heady days right after the election of 2008…

We were treated to one asinine bit of puffery after another from the Mrs. Pinchon wing of the Republican Party: The Grande Dames David Frum, Christopher Buckley and David Brooks prattled on and on about such weighty issues as Barack Obama’s obvious pragmatism, or his sexy pant-leg crease.

Well, the early stages of what back then appeared to be simple cases of The Vapors has devolved into a full-blown case of utter self-delusion, at least in the case of David Brooks. Oh, my gawd.

It is clear in this amazing bit of hallucinogenic tourettes-style writing spasm why poor little David voted (and wrote) the way he did. He actually thought his man Barack would govern this way, as an Aristotelian philosopher-king who would relish the opportunity to rise verily as a soothing aroma above his crass party regulars, rather than as the petulant, self-centered little campus radical anyone with an ounce of character-radar could sense he was.

I foolishly thought Brooks was simply a social-climbing technocrat, but it’s not that simple at all: He’s delusional. Worse yet, there is –apparently– an entire infrastructure in the Hip and With It Set in the aging Eastern Seaboard Patriarchy that countenances this dung. Did they all REALLY think Barack Obama was capable of governing like this? The man is obviously a wall-to-wall, 24-carat, diamond encrusted, pearl-handled Marxist ideologue; any reasonably cognizant observer of human nature could pick up the scent in a couple of minutes alone with the guy.

Man, I knew things were bad inside the Beltway. But this exposes a depth of rot and delusion beyond my ken.

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