Will a smart, energetic, conservative black republican get the black vote? [Redacted]

What do you think? Well the answer is a resounding no.

I could go into the many things the republicans led the charge in to bring not only freedom to the blacks, but to also give them equality, but we all know what those things are. I could list for a day and a half all the things the democrats did to hold the blacks in servitude and deny them equal rights, but we also know all of those as well. So why do blacks support a party that since its inception has been the party that hated the blacks. I know it ponders the mind, but the answer is easy. They vote democrat for two reasons and two reasons only, dependency and ignorance. If they were to vote for tough conservative republicans, they would eventually lose the free ride and they think that the dems look our for them, period.

Well along comes Bullcrappy Obama. The black community gets all teary eyed and starts proclaiming how for the first time a black man has a chance to be president. Problem is, that is wrong. The first black  to run for the office of president was Shirley Chisholm (D) in 1972, yet she only managed to garner about 2% of the black vote. Here was there chance to stick it to the white man, yet they rejected one of their own. Then came the  joker, and I refuse to call him reverend, Jesse Jackson. This idiot ran for president in both 1984 and 1988 yet he failed to even come close to getting to the nomination to run as the democratic contender either time. Now we are quite thankful he failed to win, but where was the black support for one of their own? Now the first black to have the tools and intelligence to be president ran in 2004, Alan Keyes. Yet once again he failed to get a significant portion of the black vote. But he did get their insults constantly. Guess you are only a real black person if you are a democrat in their own minds.  The others to run, who also failed to garner much black support were Al Sharpton, 2004, and Julian Bond, 1968.

Now lets move up to today in South Carolina. As I stated above, SC has the chance to send the first energetic, conservative, qualified, black congressman from this state to congress, yet will he get the black vote. What an opportunity to “show us whites” that blacks count as well, yet once again the black community will reject a viable and great candidate. Experts believe that Tim will only receive about 10% of the black vote when he runs for office. This speaks volumes to the mindset of the black community. Already black leaders across the country are coming down on Tim Scott based solely on the “R” beside his name. They are calling him the token black guy for the republican party. And they say we are racist.

The mainstream media portrays Paul Thurmond as the loser in last night’s Republican primary for South Carolina’s first congressional district, but that’s all wrong. The real losers are African Americans.

[Rest redacted: we respect other people’s intellectual property here.  Even when it’s the property of an idiot. – ML]

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What is amazing about this article is that this guy is quick to call the republicans racist in a round about way, yet the racist stares at him in the mirror each and every day. The guy who wrote this abomination is:

Marvin King is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Mississippi and writes the blog King Politics . And since he published his email with the article, lets write him and let him know he is way off base and displaying ignorant racism himself!

Email Marvin at [email protected]

The time has come for us to embrace the black conservatives within our party. It is time to quit trying to make friends with the black community as it is a wasted effort. The black community will have to wake up on its own, and some are. But as long as the Democrats are able to keep the black community in servitude with their social programs, no way they will ever see the light. The democrats are not their friends, they are not the friends of this country, the conservatives are. But we can not force them to see the truth, they have to come to it all on their own. But while they are in darkness, we have to keep fighting the good fight, quit caring about who likes or who does not like us, quit caring about the calls that we are racist, and just move on. We have some strong passionate black conservatives among us and they are the ones we need to be behind supporting with all we have. We need to do this not to make friends or prove a point, we need to do this as these great blacks will be the ones who help shape our party in the next years to come and will be the ones who can wake the black community.

Tim Scott is a great example of this, but he is not the only one. Lets find the others and help them rise to the top. It will help our party become better and move in a positive direction!