Another democrat seat soon up for grabs.

I never rejoice in ones demise even when the person has spent their life purposely destroying this country. But at the same time, I will not shed a tear. We will soon be fighting for a seat that would take retirement or death to take, and that time is upon us. Sen Byrd from West Virginia has been a solid democrat seat for ages. Once a hero from his days spent on the lines of war, he has become one of the most powerful liberals and a staunch anti military man. But West Virginians named roads after him and continued to elect him even after his notorious racist gaff. It was such a secure seat, most republicans just looked past it knowing Byrd would win it again.

But God, karma, old age or whatever else you call it has maybe put the seat up for grabs. Now I know many will say that I am calling this way too soon as all major news sources are only saying he is seriously ill. But I have a leg up on them or at least the ability to say what is really going on. Thanks to a long time friend who lives in Craigsville WVA, who served in the Pentagon for 23 years, served the West Virginia state police for another 15 years, and now is finishing his work life as security for state elected officials, I have been told that Sen Byrd is on deaths door. While we all know miracles can happen, it is not expected this time around. Sen Byrd’s longtime abuse of this country will soon come to an end and his eternal reckoning will soon begin.

Again, while not taking pleasure in his pain, as well as his families and friends, this is an important seat that republicans may be able to take. What a coup it will be when our "esteemed" leader looks out upon the Congress only too see his enemy in the seat once held by his staunchest supporter. We can and must take this seat if and when, more likely when, Sen Byrd takes that long ride into eternity. And it is a seat we can take and hold for a long time to come!

Here is the story as put out by the AP and distributed by Fox News.


— Sen. Robert C. Byrd, who holds the record as the longest-serving member of Congress, is seriously ill in a Washington-area hospital.

The West Virginia Democrat’s office says the 92-year-old lawmaker has been in the hospital since late last week.

At first he was believed to be suffering from heat exhaustion and severe dehydration. But his office says in a statement doctors have examined Byrd and other medical conditions have developed. His condition is described as serious.

The statement does not name the hospital.

In November, Byrd broke the record for congressional service that had been set by Democrat Carl Hayden of Arizona, who served in the House and Senate from 1912 to 1969.

Byrd began his career in Washington in 1952 with his election to the House. His elevation to the Senate came six years later.

Byrd has been in frail health in recent years and was hospitalized three times in 2009. He has been confined to a wheelchair , but was present and voted "yes" for final Senate passage of the health care reform bill in March.

Byrd has been the longest-serving senator since June 2006 and was elected to an unprecedented ninth term in November 2006. His colleagues have elected him to more leadership positions than any senator in history. He has cast more than 18,000 votes and has a nearly 98 percent attendance record over the course of his career.

His wife, Erma, died in 2006.