What rights do business have?

This is such a sticky question as the answer varies person to person. And it also depends based on each situation. But to get to the point, does a business have the right to refuse to hire a person who is not inline with their beliefs or fire a person based solely on violation of those beliefs. Well lets look at that for just a second.

Not to toot a horn, but as I have stated before, I own God’s Way Counseling. It is a christian business licensed to care for people who have numerous mental disorders, counsel those who are married or planning on getting married, counsel those addicted to substances, etc. Our foundation is based on self help through biblical principles and we advertise as a christian company. While we believe medicine is needed in many situations, and do prescribe when it is needed, our main belief is that many of todays conditions are self induced and that medicine is too easily given out today for just about anything. In order for us to stick to our beliefs and care for those who trust us and believe the same way, it would be impossible for me to hire an atheist, new age practitioner, muslim, etc as they would not believe the same way we do nor would they attend to the client in the same way. I have that right. It is my business hence I can decide who works for me. I am not refusing to hire someone based on their skin color or their sex, I base my hiring on a belief system.

I have never had to fire anyone, knock on wood, but it is an understood rule that there are certain expectations when it comes to my employees and their actions and behavior outside of work. This is not negotiable and there are no second chances. How can one of my employees counsel a person with a drug addiction if they themselves are smoking crack? Or how could one counsel another on the attributes of a loving and faithful marriage if they themselves are slipping it to another outside of their own marriage. It is not me, as the business owner, demanding control of their lives, it is me demanding that those who choose to work for me live to a certain Godly standard so as not to be seen as hypocritical and to remain effective when it comes to patient rehabilitation. It is me as a christian business owner understanding that my employees and myself may disagree on some theology, but that all who are a part of the business live in accordance to Gods law so that my business keeps the respect it has earned over the last six years. I have that right.

Well a lady in Florida feels business does not have that right. She knew when she took the job she was teaching at a christian school, she knew the standards they demanded from both teacher and pupil, she knew what they believed, yet she chose to break those rules. Now this is a lady that is trusted by parents, who have made the decision to place their children in a school that both teaches and represents the beliefs they want their children to be taught, to teach their children not only academics, but also Godly principles. Yet she chose to lay with a man and become pregnant prior to marriage. Does this make her a horrible person, no. But it does mean that she has violated the rules of the school and should no longer be teaching at the school. What part of hypocrite does she not understand? How can she expect to keep the respect the children had in her and continue to teach these young children to follow the law of God, when she herself is breaking the very same rules?

Well the school fired her and did so well within their rights. She broke school policy and was fired for doing so. Not because she was a woman, just simply because she failed to keep the rules of the school. She has decided to sue. While the suit will most likely be thrown out, this is an important case to watch. No more does a christian have a right to force themselves into a muslim school, she has no right to force herself on this school. But if an activist judge ignores what is right and what is reasonable, we will all pay. I will have to hire anyone qualified even if they despise my faith and the beliefs the business was built on, christian schools will have to hire those who do not believe or live the way the school requires, and so on and so on. RedState will have to hire a KOS type writer but that same rule with not apply to them.

This case may seem to some to be irrelevant, but it is not. If this woman is able to force the school to accept her choices that are not in accordance with the schools belief, we will all see the affects in our own lives. We must stay vigilant and involved in this case and others like it if we expect to keep the rights we are so blessed to have at this moment!

A former Florida teacher said the administrators of a Christian school where she was employed fired her because she became pregnant just before her wedding, MyFoxOrlando.com reported.

Now, she has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the private school in St. Cloud, Fla.

Jarrestta Hamilton said April of 2009 was the happiest month of her life. She was a newlywed and newly pregnant and teaching fourth graders at Southland Christian School. She said it was about that time when she approached by the administration to talk about "maternity leave ."

She said when asked, she admitted that the baby was conceived three weeks before the wedding. A week later, she said the school fired her. Attorney Ed Gay is helping Hamilton sue the school, claiming that her termination amounts to discrimination based on her pregnancy and marital status.

"If they’re going to single her out because she conceived prior to marriage, but allow people to remain employed who conceived during a marriage, isn’t that discriminating against her based on her marital status?" asked Gay, according to MyFoxOrlando.com.

School administrator Rob Ennis said the school had not seen the lawsuit. "At this time, we’re going to seek legal counsel, and I really don’t feel comfortable making any comment to be honest with you."

MyFoxOrlando obtained a letter sent to Hamilton from the school which asked not to return because of "fornication," sex outside of marriage. It also claims that Hamilton knew about the school’s moral stance through the employment application


"Just a vague reference to upholding standards and purposes of the school," said Gay. "That’s what they’re going on as a ‘morals’ clause."

Ultimately, it could be the federal courts that decide who is right and who is wrong. Hamilton also claims that the school violated her privacy by telling parents and students why she was fired.