It is all because of the White Supremacist, you know!

Yep that is what CA congresswoman, Linda Sanchez, has told us. She has shed the light on who is really behind the “god awful racist” Arizona bill. It is the White Supremacy groups. They have played puppet master and coerced all the Arizona legislature members to write a bill to expel all illegals. Oh what a shame!

Rather, oh what a sham! This lady has got to be off her rocker! First she neglects to mention they are called illegal immigrants for a reason, they are here illegally. She also fails to mention that over 70% of the state favor the bill and were demanding something be done about the issue. Are these the “white supremacist” she is referring to? It is amazing that these idiots are able to be elected, even in CA, but what is more surprising is that they continue to be elected. Their only ability is to start a racist problem by calling everything racist. In their opinions, screw the law, and if you enforce it, you are a damned racist.

But what is even funnier about her ignorant rant is she claims that,

“There’s a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups,” said the lawmaker, who is of Mexican descent. “It’s been documented. It’s not mainstream politics.”

Its documented? Where?  So now you want us to believe that you have some documentation, that no one else knows about, that shows White Supremacist are behind this law and the push to write laws like this in other states. Amazing how similar this sounds to the Sic Willie crap in SC.

Its not mainstream politics? Since when? Lady, over 70% in the state and over 60% in the country agree with the law! How is that not mainstream? Or is the majority of this country racist white supremacist? How about the massive coalition of minorities, including hispanics, that also favor the law?

After this comment, so many others like it, and the many actions we have seen from the left, if people continue to vote these turds into office, they deserve everything coming to them!

A California congresswoman is pointing the finger at white supremacist groups, who she says have inspired Arizona’s new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., told a Democratic Club on Tuesday that white supremacist groups are influencing lawmakers to adopt laws that will lead to discrimination.

“There’s a concerted effort behind promoting these kinds of laws on a state-by-state basis by people who have ties to white supremacy groups,” said the lawmaker, who is of Mexican descent. “It’s been documented. It’s not mainstream politics.”

Sanchez said front organizations for white supremacist groups are approaching lawmakers to propose the language to the bills and urging them to push them through state legislatures in an effort to legalize discrimination.

“It creates a Jim Crow system where based on the color of your skin you could be treated as a second-class citizen or harassed based on how you look,” she said.

The Arizona law, which makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally, requires police enforcing any other law to question people about their immigration status if there is “reasonable suspicion” that they are in the country illegally.

Supporters of the law say it will save taxpayer money and reduce crime by pressuring illegal immigrants to self-deport. But critics say the law is unconstitutional and promotes racial profiling.

Rep. Gary Miller, R-Calif., told the Whittier Daily News, which first reported the story, that Sanchez’s comments are “an outrageous accusation.”

“It’s trying to find somebody somewhere you can accuse of something,” Miller told the newspaper. “It’s red herring. (She’s) trying to change the debate from what the law says.”

A spokesman for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who will meet with President Obama Thursday to discuss immigration and border security, also criticized Sanchez’s comments.

“Gov. Brewer signed S.B. 1070 because it mirrors what is already federal law and because our federal government has failed to secure our international border, leading to Arizona become a super highway of illegal drug and human trafficking,” Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman said in an e-mail to the newspaper.

Sanchez told the newspaper after her speech that she based her accusation on online stories, particularly a blog written by Andrea Nill, an immigration researcher for ThinkProgress, an offshoot of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Nill wrote that the Immigration Law Reform Institute, the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), helped write the law. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled FAIR a hate group, a designation that the organization disputes.