Republicans are the greatest protectors of the environment!~

Yes it is true no matter how the left tries to tell you different. See protecting the environment is not accomplished by bleeding heart, unscientific, trillion dollar, unattainable BS. It is done through reachable goals accomplished by the normal citizen.

I own 72 acres in the lowlands of SC where I am able to hunt everything from duck to wild hogs, turkey to deer. I take extreme care to not over hunt the land, keep the water clean, plant trees and other plant life, plant acres of deer attracting plants, and enforce my standards on all who use the land. When my father bought the land, it was seriously lacking in stable plant life and much water. But over the years, with his and my careful preservation and betterment of the land, it is now one of the nicest hunt plots in the area. It is now better and more stable, than when we got it. That is saving the environment.

Most people know that the land we have now is all we get. We know that dumping oil into the ground after we drain the car, which is something many of us saw our parents and grandparents doing, is horrible for the underground water and the land itself. We know not to dump our trash on the land, and so on and so on. This is called conservation and I would argue that most conservatives are also conservationist. But that is where we draw the line. We get crucified for not buying into the bogus “science” called global warming/cooling/change or whatever they are calling it now, we do not buy into the earth has a soul and is crying over how she is treated crap the ultra radicals spew. We simply understand that caring for the earth is each persons job and doing ones job does not require adherence to a hypocritical radical group, nor does it require us to dump our vehicle in favor of a gay little car that has trouble going downhill. We simply take care of what God has given us, and that is enough.

Conservation of our land is the job of us all. But radicalism and bogus science is something we all need to avoid and fight. Leaving the land for our children in better shape than we received it, is the honorable thing to do and conservatives lead the way in this. For all their hot air, the left is doing nothing to better the land, they simply spend their entire energy level on trying to come up with the next “big” thing about to destroy us and spend even more time trying to force everyone else to comply. They have found it much easier to preach than to do, and that is why folks like us lead the fight on keeping our land clean and safe.

Case in point: Michigan a few years ago buckled to the liberal agenda and cut deer permits in half. They had bought into the liberal bleeding heart unscientific crap that hunters were wiping out the deer population and that many were killing without consuming just for kicks and giggles. They bought into the nonsense that hunting was cruel to the animal and that they suffered tremendously. They refused to listen to the arguments from the public and the DNR that hunting was regulated and that hunting was used to cull the herds. They did not listen to a thing until hundreds of deer were being found dead or dying in the snow from hunger due to there not being enough food to sustain the increased deer population. How much more horrible it must be to die quickly from a bullet than to starve slowly to death in the cold. They did not listen until deer were being hit all across the upper peninsula by cars all due to the increase movement in the search for food. But what finally got the new regulations thrown in the trash was when the deer were found to be infected with TB which posed not only a danger to the deer, but to other animals who ate their flesh and to humans. But what was amazing is, was after all this, they did not remember they were made to play the fools part by the radicals and jumped right back into their corner when it came to the doves. We must never be so gullible!

Maybe we can arrange a RedState Hunt a Hog by conservative conservationists on my land in the near future. We can all donate 10 bucks to a noble cause of our own choice (which means bring your own beer), all while lowering the feral pig population in the area. Nothing better than the taste of your own kill, drenched in BBQ, roasting over your fire. That and watching this video! Please give it a look, it will both make your day and make you vomit at the same time! And yes they are serious, serious nuts!

Radical environmentalist crying over trees!