Diary for Coldwarrior!

Coldwarrior, could you help me out?

For years I grew up watching my dad spend a ton of money supporting conservatives in their races. He had the money to become a wanted ally. I am not so lucky, but that does not mean I am not involved. I sat in my dad’s house as the first Bush made a visit to meet with donors, was there when the second bush did the same. No way, anywhere in the near future, will be able to pull off an event like that.

I always thought I had two choices when it came to being involved in politics, run for office or get involved with groups who promote conservatives and give money. I, up to this point, have had no interest in running for any office.

I have seen you talk about being a PC and that got me interested. But due to my poor google abilities and only being back in SC for little over 6 years, I have not been able to find out how I can get my name on the list to be a PC. Can you or someone else assist me in this matter? If SC has these positions, I would love to get involved and do my best to further the pursuit of true conservatives and to clean up the party headquarters.

I am in Laurens SC, zip 29360. Any information  you or someone else can provide would be greatly appreciated!