Mexico and their lacky president need to stay out of our business!

Mexico’s president Calderon, decided it was time he came to us racist Americans and had a talk with us. He came with the intent of letting us know how it would benefit us to allow his losers to be here no matter if they came here legally or not. Now here is the problems with his train of thought.

We do not care what he thinks about us and our opinion on his trash entering our country illegally. They are criminals, nothing less, nothing more. We do not want them here no matter how much it "benefits" us. We the people have made it clear that if you want to come here, fine, but do so in a legal manner.

Number two, we do not make laws for our citizens based on what he as a foreign diplomat wants. At least that is supposed to be the way it works. Why is it he and the dems feel he has a right to lobby for new laws. They should have told him to go back home and spend the time he was wasting here defeating the massive issues he has with the drug war going on and to stop wasting our time. Not too mention if he actually made a little effort at securing his own borders and enforcing laws on the books dealing with those who have tried to sneak into our country, the USA would not be dealing with the massive mess we have right now.

Three, he calls the Arizona law discriminatory, or for a less PC word, racist. Oh God forbid a Mexican calls us racist. Look in order to be racist in this matter, we would have to be OK with all illegals, except the Mexicans. And to be quite blunt, even if that is how we felt, it matters little. This is our country, we can pick and choose who we want to live here that were not born here. That is the way it works and it works that way in his own country. Again, who the hell does he think he is? He is not an American, that is why he is President of Mexico, not America. It is not his job to worry about who we let in our country, it is his job to worry about his own people.

We should have been up in arms about the invasion from the south long ago. Sorry illegals if you have spent years here and have built a life, it is still time to leave. You are a criminal and need to be treated as such. I do not care if you are a doctor, a lawyer, have the greatest invention known to man and want America to have it. I do not care if you are a Christian preaching in a church, or a Mormon peddling your bike to your next mark, time to go. Do not care if you have lived here always abiding by our laws, you broke the law in the way you came here so you are a criminal, time to leave.

But most importantly, I do not care if you say I am a racist because I do not want you here. Fine I will wear that incorrect badge with pride. You are wrong because I have no issues or dislike with the Hispanic race, I do not have any issues with a/many hispanics living here as long as they followed the rules to get her or are a citizen. See I have to follow laws each and every day. Some I do not like, as in the forced seatbelt rule, but I still have to follow them or pay the price. And when I break the law, I do not get a one way ticket to another country as my punishment. So call me what you want, but just call me the names as you are on your way out of my country, my home. And take your President with you as his opinion will carry no more sway on my and so many others opinion.

The answer and solution is very easy Calderon, take your criminal trash home, teach them or help them apply to come here legally. Teach them our language so they can blend into our society. Make them understand we do not like criminals here and let them know that the first thing they should do is NOT break the law in the place they want to call home and be accepted in. But also tell them that if they choose to ignore these words and continue to break our laws by sneaking in, they will never be welcome here and if it continues, we will soon call them enemies and hunt them down like dogs. This is our country, not yours or theirs. Learn to respect our laws and learn to abide by them, and if they do this, we will call them Americans!

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is taking his case for a fair and orderly overhaul of U.S. immigration policies to the people who can do something about it: members of Congress.

One day after private meetings with President Barack Obama and White House celebrations in his honor, Calderon pivots Thursday to the Capitol, where he will address a joint meeting of Congress. He is expected to push in the speech for immigration changes and emphasize the economic priorities that link the United States and Mexico.

Calderon’s state visit comes at a time of renewed furor over the flawed immigration system from Mexico into the United States. From border security

troubles to questions about how to deal with the millions of illegal migrants living in the United States, the immigration debate remains politically vexing, frustrating and volatile.

Obama is lobbying lawmakers to get moving on legislation that would seek to deal with the security, employment and citizenship issues at once. He concedes, however, that he does not yet have the Republican support he would need to get such a complex deal done. Whether any progress will happen this year is unclear.

Stoking the matter is a new law approved by Arizona lawmakers and set to take effect July 29 unless derailed by legal challenges. It requires police, in the context of enforcing other laws, to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the United States illegally.

Calderon calls that discriminatory, and Obama agrees the Arizona law could well be applied that way. He has ordered a Justice Department review.

"A prosperous North America

that benefits both Americans and Mexicans is only feasible if we work shoulder to shoulder, and if we confront these challenges decisively and courageously," Calderon said at the White House on Wednesday, pushing for cooperation on the economy, migration and security.