We would be fired!

Most of us who are lucky enough to be employed during these tough times know what it takes to keep our job. Even if we own our own company, there are still a ton of responsibilities we must keep up with in order to keep money coming in and to keep our company afloat.

I own God’s Way Counseling of the Carolina and have so for 6 years now. Every day I open the office, I have a schedule. People to see, people to call, bills to pay, money to collect. If I fail in any of these areas, my business suffers. Let it happen too much, my business fails. There are plenty of days I want to skip going to the office in favor of hitting the beach in search of the allusive fish. And there are even more days my patience is at an end and when the person across from me continues to drone on about how his mommy did not love them enough, I want to reach out and slap someone back into the reality the rest of us live in. But that is not how business works. Same goes for those who work for another. Steal from the company and you are fired. Get caught sleeping in the office…fired unless your boss is one cool cat.

The reality is all of us have to perform at 100% in order to survive in the business world and to not find ourselves on the unemployment line. This is life and we all know we must work hard, keep our integrity, and not slack off to keep the job that provides us with our way of life. But there is one place where these rules are not followed, but is the one place these rules are even more important. Politics.

Misappropriating funds, attaching illegal or questionable earmarks to bills, kicking back funds to people business that is supporting financially a candidate, not voting on items up for vote 1/3% or more of the time, lying about stances, watching porn on taxpayer computers while in session, billing taxpayers for unlawful trips or credit card usage……….the list could go on and on and on. Any one of these items or the numerous others would cause the average Joe to be fired or even put in jail and yet this is the norm for most of our elected officials. Since when did the laws of our country and the job etiquette we are all bound to observe not apply once you enter Washington DC? When did it become the norm to not fulfill the job they were elected to do become OK? When did we as the people begin to accept that not doing ones job was worthy of being elected time after time? And why are we not upset that day after day these bums steal from us, thumb their nose at us, our rights, and our constitution to a point we grab our tar and feathers?

There was a time in this country people desired to become an elected official, once elected treated it as a privilege to be there, and did their job day in and day out. Politics was once called an honored calling and the elected positions were filled with men of character, even those we did not agree with their politics. Now it seems our official elected positions are filled with men and women who have no morality, no integrity, and no work ethic. And we keep voting them in based on the behavior and character 70% of the time. It is time to change this environment, but how do we do that?

The answer is easy. First we have to once again realize we are the bosses of those who represent us not the other way around. Once we realize this, the rest is easy. Second, we have to demand equal workplace treatment. If we have to go to work day after day and do our job 100% of the time in order to keep our job, they must also. They do not get to treat politics as a Club Med, they must treat it as their job. If they do not want to do the work, it is time to be fired so that they can find the line of work that they can enjoy the workload. Third and most important, we stay on top of things. We no longer accept a good or even great job part of the time, it must be all of the time. If anyone fails to do what they are supposed to do all the time, we get behind a you are fired movement. We put in the effort to have the bum removed even if they say they are on side. In fact, those who claim to be in our party are being held at even a higher standard than the rejects from the other side. They do not get any slack as we now know that any failure on their part cost us everything. We must get our pink slips out and use them consistently without reserve.

This is how we take back our country. If we start holding our elected officials to the same standard we ourselves are held at, we will once again have a government that is by the people, for the people. Anything less on our part will result in more years like we have seen under Obama. Are you ready for that? I am not!