If they do not meet the Gov Christie test, they do not need our vote!

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Gov Christie

What a man. I saw this video on HotAir and now must ask myself, is it OK for me to love a man. The bluntness in this man is amazing. But it is what he said that is the most important.

“I was elected to govern, I am here to govern. I do not care about re-election, I am here to govern. The reason so many politicians will not say what they believe clearly, is they want an escape hatch. I am not interested in having an escape hatch!”

Now that was paraphrased as my memory is not as good as what it used to be and i did not have time to dictate the short clip. But what is so refreshing is his brutal honesty and the fact that his job is to worry 100% about the job he is supposed to do, what the voters put him in office for, and not how his poll numbers are for the next election. Re-election is the biggest cause of what we see today in politics. Politicians have become masters at filling our ears with the bullshit that makes us starry eyed in order to get our votes, then doing in office whatever is pleasant to all so their numbers stay high for the next election.

I say we set a new litmus test for all those asking for our votes and for those running the show. And this is how the test should be set up. By the way, I would suggest we call it the Christie test so that it is names after the man who gave me the inspiration to design this test. All candidates who want our vote must score a 100% or go get f*@&ed.

1) When they are asking for our votes, do they peddle us a load of horse manure. What this would mean is do they say all the nice things we want to hear, or do we hear them yelling that their is a tough road ahead, that we will not like many of the sacrifices that will have to be done, do they clearly state their beliefs on all major issues, and do they take a stand for what this country was founded on? If the Answer is yes, they score a point here. If not they get a zero.

2) Do they pander to special interest in order to get the funding they need to run a campaign or do they stand on principle values and screw the money? Again if they stand against special interest that violate what they say their principles are, one point. If they pander, zero points.

3) Once elected, do they actually vote they way they said they would. Do they stand in the gap for the voters? Do they tell the democrats to go screw themselves and announce publicly that they will stop all those who are intent on destroying our rights and the constitution no matter the cost? If the answer is yes, one point. If it is no, zero points.

4) Last but not least, and this one is close to being the most important. Do they stand for the principles they stated during election, even when their own party compromises with the left? Do they resist the easy way out by joining the party and refuse to lower the bar on their values? Yes, one point. No, zero points.

The questions above do not have to be the only ones on the Christie test. But no matter how many more are added, in order to get our votes the candidate must score a 100% and must keep a 100% in order to keep our support. Christie is doing what is right all the time in a very tough state. He is not gaining fans by doing the right thing, he is simply keeping his promises to the people and keeping his values intact. There are very few other elected officials who have as tough a job sticking to their guns as Christie does and yet very few are willing to keep their word. I say, it no longer matters if you vote your morals, values, and promises 90% of the time, that is not good enough. You must do it 100% of the time in order to not only keep our support, but to also keep your job, period. If a person only lies once a month, tells the truth the rest of the time, he is still a liar. Same goes for our elected officials. It is time we quit cutting them slack based on the actions 90% of the time. It is time we demand loyalty and values from our elected officials 100% of the time and we know it is possible. Christie is showing us all that!

Maybe we should start hoping he looks to the Presidential office in the near future. How refreshing would it be to have an honest and upfront person in that seat and one who is that way all the time!