And to think, he could have been president.

What a way to treat South Carolina voters. You have already kicked them in the groin, now you are at it again. What is a shame, is that at one time, Sandford was considered by many to be a 2012 presidential candidate. Then he let us all know he was unable to keep his trouble maker locked up in his pants. Once considered one of the most conservative governors SC has had in many years, now he is just a blight on SC.

This is a man who stood strong against Obama and his socialist plans, stood strong on the positions he took during his election runs. But somewhere in the midst of all the politics, Sandford lost his way. Many of us, while disgusted with his treatment of his wife and the state, believed his passionate pleas for forgiveness. That was until he stated in public that his mistress was his soul mate, but that he would learn to love his wife again. Even then, we just wanted to cover our faces and stomach the last months of his administration and look to who we would replace him with. Even then, we worried that his actions would set up a return to the governors chair by Democrats reminiscent of the Beasley fiasco. Now we are really scared with the latest actions of our misguided, horndog, idiot governor. It is almost as if he is doing his best to destroy any chance of keeping our state in the hands of republicans.

Here is his latest finger flipping actions:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is facing more criticism for his travel after a recent out-of-state trip with an unidentified woman. Sanford and the woman reportedly spent the weekend at a luxury resort in the Florida Keys. There was no confirmation that the woman was Maria Chapur, but some media outlets reported that the woman was a tall brunette who looks like her. Chapur is the Argentine woman who Sanford admitted to having an affair with after disappearing for nearly a week last year. The criticism of the trip is focused on the fact that the lieutenant governor was not notified that Sanford was leaving the state. Lawmakers are currently discussing legislation that would require the governor to tell his second-in-command whenever his travel takes him outside the Palmetto State. Sanford’s spokesman, Ben Fox, said that the trip was paid for by Sanford and that it was personal in nature. "Over that time, staff has been in regular contact with him," Fox said. "The governor has long moved past discussing matters in his personal life, publicly." Fox would not comment on whether Sanford believes he should have to tell the lieutenant governor when he leaves the state. He said that he believes the governor and lieutenant governor should run on the same ticket and would therefore be on the same page. A bill that would require the two highest-ranking constitutional officers in South Carolina to run on the same ticket has already been passed by the House .