The New Definition of Racism

Usually a person is considered racist if they believe that one race is superior to another race. That is no longer the case. Now, you’re a racist if you believe anything that does not coincide with the talking points of the democrat party.

The chant of racism by democrats is yet another tactic to attempt to prey on emotion and backdoor their way into winning an argument. It’s no different than calling someone a homophobe or intolerant. It’s also the same as telling someone they are against the poor because they want to talk about welfare reform rather than bankrupt and destroy the country financially.

Quite frankly at this point I don’t care anymore if someone calls me a racist. In fact, I may even wear it as a badge of honor. Not because I dislike minorities or feel my race is “superior” to another, but because it shows me that I’m winning the argument on a practical platform.

I find it interesting that every time I call for securing the border and punishing employers who knowingly hire illegals, I am called a racist. Why am I racist? Did I say that I wanted to punish employers who hired Hispanics? Did I say what I wanted to keep a certain group of people out all together? It’s common sense to want to keep the sovereignty of your home. Just as we have property lines for our personal homes, we have to have property lines for our country. It’s not racist to want to protect our home, workers, and citizens in general. If it’s racist to want to stop the burden on our economy and our taxpayers by enforcing our federal immigration laws, protect our citizens from the massive amount of crime committed by illegals, or stop illegal aliens from taking away job opportunities from our legal citizens then I guess I am a racist. The common sense solutions proposed to protect our border are to protect Americans of all races and ethnicities.

It’s not homophobic or intolerant to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s common sense that the traditional family is the best environment for our future generations to grow and develop. It’s also well known that the best answer to fight poverty is for married couples to stay together. Therefore it’s common sense to pass legislation that provides a conducive environment for the traditional family to thrive in order to give our children the best chance possible as well as giving average Americans the most opportunities in life to succeed. These notions aren’t just ideology, but they are common sense. A conservative never tells someone how to live their own life in their own home. However, a conservative won’t give up the principles or the benefits of the traditional marriage being between a man and woman simply because someone thinks we are “afraid” of homosexual people as a result of our beliefs.

How can a traditional family survive in a country that is financially unstable? Conservatives are compassionate toward families in need and on a personal level many of us can sympathize. However, no matter how hard the times are that we go through, we realize that the solution always resides in the power of the individual. However, liberals see it differently. They see the answer in big government programs. So big, in fact, that those same programs are bankrupting this nation as entitlement spending takes up over half of our budget and the three biggies Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are in the hole to the tune of around anywhere from 60-90 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. The massive entitlement spending is creating a nation that is becoming more and more dependent on government and that dependency is sinking the ship. They are sinking the ship that created the greatest middle class in the history of mankind and has provided more economic opportunity to more people than ever before as 80% of millionaires created their own wealth in this country.

So let’s get this straight. If you favor a system where all legal Americans have the first opportunity to all jobs in this country and protects them from unnecessary crime and tax burdens that hinder their freedom, then you’re a racist. If you favor a traditional institution that is proven to give children and families the best possible chance to succeed as well as being the best weapon against poverty then you’re a racist and a homophobe. If you wish to have fiscal responsibility that creates a financially independent population that has the opportunity to provide for themselves and keep our nation financially solvent then you’re a racist, homophobe, and you hate the poor.

The solutions that conservatives provide to the problems of today are solutions for all people of all races and ethnicities whereas it’s the liberal that focuses their campaign promises on racial motivations. They tell us not to look at skin color or sexual orientation, but when we want to treat everyone equally they then say we aren’t considering the persons skin color or sexual orientation. It’s about the seriousness of the charge , not the nature of the evidence as a wise man once said and that’s all liberals are hoping for when they make those accusations. They are hoping when they charge you with racism that you’ll back down and cower into their corner.

If you’re one that is afraid of being called a racist by liberals then I can show you how you won’t be labeled as such. If you sit in a church for 20 years listening to a pastor that degrades whites and Jews, then you’re not a racist. If you drop a case against the black panther party who intimidated white voters, then you’re not a racist. If you and the media use race to win an election, then you’re not a racist. If you admit in several passages in a book that you author that you feel or have felt animosity toward white people, then you’re not a racist. This list could go on for a very, very long time, but you get the picture.

You could change your approach and side with the liberals that if you’re a conservative white man or woman then you are automatically suspected of being a racist before you open your mouth so you had better watch out, shut up, and agree with them. Or, you can be like me and tell them that if I’m a racist then at least I can learn the error of my ways, but they’re in real trouble because stupid is forever and can’t be fixed.