Daily KOs Vs. Redstate Cuss Off Results

Proof That Liberals are an ignorant group of potty mouthed heathens.

Originally posted at  conservativeBC

They say that a lack of vocabulary and intelligence provokes the use of profanity, so I thought it would be fun to test the intelligence of bloggers on two prominent political blogs. The liberal Daily KOs and the conservative Redstate.

Both blogs are have and open format, allowing users to post diaries on their own as well as contributors that post exclusively for each blog. What you get from both sites is a good representative cross section of both liberals and conservatives. A poll, if you will taken from the loony left and the radical right.

I entered the url of both blogs in cuss-o-meter to see which group was showing off their lack of communication skills with their use of profanities.

How Does Cuss-O-Meter Work?

First we count the number of pages on your blog or website that contain cuss words and compare it to the total number of pages. The result tells us approximately what percentage of pages on your website contains cuss words. We then compare that percentage to all the other websites who have used the Cuss-O-Meter, giving you an idea of how foul-mouthed you are when compared to the rest of the web.

The cuss meter just confirms what we already know. Liberals are an ignorant group of potty mouthed heathens.